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About Being Hu-man


Being Hu-man is a co-creative initiative that recognises that every one of us has a unique mission to fulfil in our lifetime.


We share our insights with self-chosen individuals who wish to learn more about themselves and their place in the bigger picture. Being Hu-man is a voyage of self-discovery.


As part of the Being Hu-man community, you will explore how the different layers of your mind work and how these impact on your day to day experiences.


You will find out what is behind the subconscious mind patterns that shape your entire reality and how to evolve beyond them into higher levels of consciousness.


As your awareness grows, you will discover how a wide range of factors influence your attitudes, belief systems and behaviours, and those of the people around you.

Every level of learning contains scaffolded information about consciousness, physical body manifestation, inter-dimensional tools, techniques and clearing, so that you can progressively eliminate your own karmic subconscious patterning. This enables you to move forward along your own Golden Pathway of Soul Purpose.

Welcome to the Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness!


Soul Statement

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At Being Hu-man our central focus is based on 3 key aims:

1. to provide self-chosen individuals with teachings, tools and techniques that manifest destiny change, awareness expansion and consciousness elevation.

2. to share with people how to perceive and work from the inside out. Working from our Almighty 'I AM' Presence central God-core through to the exterior physical self and everything in between.

3. to 'Heal Thy Self' - initiating change to the individual, the collective consciousness, the planet Earth, and the united consciousness of the Inner-Verse / Multi-Verse / Universe, as it is perceived.

Our Core Perceptions:

  • everything starts from the inside - what we see in the outside world is, in some way, a reflection of our inner self.

  • subconscious mind programmes impact every single thing that happens in our life.

  • to manifest anything, we must first be programmed to receive the manifestation - positive or negative.

  • our Soul speaks to us through pop-ups and synchronicities - it is up to us to notice them and take action.

  • we can be the Master of our own Destiny, living in heaven on Earth, if we clear the limiting beliefs that hold us back in life. 

The Founders


Together Yasamika and Araenia work to elevate the consciousness and awareness of self-chosen people who are seeking their Golden Soul Purpose.

They run classes, courses and hold personal and tutorial consultation sessions, teaching how to clear the subconscious patterning that holds us all back in life.

Araenia and Yasamika are Beloved Partners who live in New Zealand with their no-dig garden - the Organic Ouroboros, as well as their three concrete cats!


  • The ‘Pattern Man’

  • Clears subconscious mind programmes, the land and buildings

  • Cutting-edge multi-layered insight

  • Down to Earth – lives what he teaches

  • Learns and shares from his own personal experience

  • World-bridging expert

  • Author, Speaker, Presenter and clinical mentor

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  • Qualified Body Decoder

  • Clarity Coach – Business and Personal Mentor

  • Sacred Relationships Mentor

  • Educator, teacher, mentor – MEd, BA, PGDipLitEd, CBP, DipTchg

  • Intuitive and insightful – a life-long learner

  • Past Life specialist

  • Author, Speaker and Workshop Presenter

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