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About Yasamika




"Never again will you 'view' day to day life as a series of events that you have no control over!


This is life-changing in a comprehensive and deep way."

Donna, Tauranga NZ


" A great process to get closer to the real issues at hand, facilitated with warmth, insight and enthusiasm.

The process brought us home every time with a deeper understanding of ourselves and the processes that govern us."

Richard & Suzie, Te Puke NZ

"I have so much clarity and understanding from this guidance and sharing.


I recommend attending these classes, you will be amazed at all they have to share."

Heeni, Rotorua NZ

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"I was struggling with fatigue and sleep issues.

Not only was I able to deal with these things I was also taught some wonderful life skills. Finally, I am doing something for me with the skills I learnt."

Sherrie, NZ

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"Insights that put the past (and past lives) behind you and reveal the hidden depths of your behaviours and patterns through life so you can be the truest and lightest you."

Eva, Wellington NZ

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"Meeting you had a profound effect on all aspects of our lives.


Our family has gained knowledge, found inner wisdom and moved to 'a better place'."

Faye, Papamoa NZ

"Uncomplicated techniques to clear subconscious patterning and enlighten our soul to its true potential ... amazing insight and ability to delve into past, present and future to help decode any and all problems you may be facing."

Leah, Putaruru NZ


"This modality has completely changed my life. I have been able to see things in a whole different light as well as empower my life by shifting old habits/patterns.

So appreciative of this modality crossing my path and highly recommend it."

Caitlin, Tauranga NZ

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"Taught me to identify and clear life patterns which have held me back from creating my desired lifestyle.


This life skill has aided me in becoming the person that I am today."

Amy, Atiamuri NZ 


"Amazing training into how we create patterns in our lives and the consequences of living those patterns ... thoroughly recommended to experience personal growth and to achieve great things."

Robyn, Rotorua NZ

"I have personally experienced powerful and permanent growth in all areas of my life.


I now understand the patterning that I am playing out."

Gordy, Bay of Plenty NZ

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"Huge thank you and appreciation to Yasa and Araenia. 


After our last session some strong emotions were released and I have been more content. Thank you!

Robert, Caloundra AUS

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