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About Yasamika

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I was born dead.


My mother haemorrhaged during my delivery and as a result, we both died for a while. During this time, my mother crossed over to Spirit Land in the 4th Dimension. She spoke to some relatives before being sent back down to look after her newborn son.


My journey at birth was different. My death took me past the 4th Dimension through to the 5th, where I met beings of a higher consciousness who spoke to me. This encounter opened a communication pathway in my mind which has never closed.


As a child, I can remember wonderful men and women of Golden Light turning up vividly in my imagination to talk to me while I was going to school or playing down by the river. They were of both genders and represented many different cultures and belief systems. Because of the way they felt to me, I realised they were different from other beings. I also knew that they were 'The Good Guys', so I was quite happy to chat away.

The Beings on High, as I came to know them, never gave me answers. They always expanded on what I already knew, encouraging me to think and see things from different angles to expand my perception. I thought that everyone talked to Golden Beings. It came as quite a surprise to me when I realised that this was nought the case and that I was different from the other kids.


As I grew up, I became preoccupied with the busi-ness of being a boy, a teenager, then a young man with all that entails, so I began to filter out and block my communications with these Beings on High.


In amongst the distractions of life, I had glimpses of my destiny. I remember my first attempt at an all-night party with my mates; I was 13 years of age. We sat around a small table drinking warm, flat beer trying to last the night out. We talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. One mate said he wanted to be a Playboy photographer for obvious teenage-boy reasons, and we all thought that was a good one! Another mate wanted to be a Formula One car driver because he liked fast cars and that was cool too.


But then my turn came, and I said I wanted to have the 'Wisdom of the Universe'!! Well, that stunned everyone including myself! No-one knew what it meant and I think that put an end to the night.

I was brought up in a hotel where my father was the publican and I spent my later high school years in a boarding school. Being a lover of water, I was in the swimming pool industry for several years and received my swimming pool water chemistry qualification. With a passion for the outdoors, I later became a landscape and maintenance gardener, as well as managing and tutoring a no-dig organic garden work scheme. I was always interested in people, being a well-respected foster father and mentor to youth at risk from the time I was 23 years old.

In my early 30s, I finally recognised that I saw the world differently to most people and began to own what I was evolving into. From that point on, to the best of my abilities, I based my life on the awareness and principles I had been shown over the years, starting from when I was young. 

Since consciously deciding to walk the awareness path, I have taught hundreds of people how to clear their subconscious mind programmes. I formulated the Eternal Clearing Process at a time in my life when I was in dire straits due to my own subconscious patterning. With a severe physical wound which was failing to heal despite all conscious efforts, I awoke one night in agony with the remnants of a dream I had just experienced fresh in my mind. The dream took me back to a time when I was a baby in my cot, watching and listening to my parents as emotions became heated and it was all about me!


Now, that my dream had brought this memory to the surface, I thought that my wound would magically heal and life would go back to normal. However, I soon realised that finding the trigger and pattern was nought enough, I had to clear the subconscious programme out of my system and that was when I began the process of developing the Eternal Clearing Steps.


As I followed my awareness path further, I was called on from the Beings on High to travel the Earth clearing karmic patterning held in the land as a result of past warfare, tragedy and massacre. During this process I encountered many Lost Souls who had been unable to return to their spiritual home and had become Earth-bound as a result. This was when I established my world-bridging system, which is the process I use to help these beings to return their 4th-dimensional home so that they can continue their incarnational process of learning.

All my life, I have been an observer; a watcher. I constantly wonder why things are the way they are. Why did I do that? What makes someone do this? How does that work? Where did that thought come from?


It always seemed that I was only ever getting a limited portion of the picture. To satisfy my insatiable search to make sense out of every situation, I knew I had to observe things from a higher perspective to get a broader picture. I had to learn to look deeper and internally within 'the box'. I knew that the perspective I was looking from was part of the problem.


I realised that we all have subconscious mind patterns from past lives, pre-conception, conception, gestation and early childhood, which present as dysfunctional and disruptive behaviours as adults. When this information came to light, I knew I needed to teach people of all ages how the subconscious thinks and how it creates patterns of behaviour which are perceived to be detrimental to our quality of life.


This is now one of my main areas of expertise; helping people to re-member themselves by teaching them how the Subconscious Ego uses these programmes as default settings to automatically take charge of their lives. An important component of this work is teaching others how to clear these patterns from their subconscious mindset too!


Speaking from my own experience, all I have ever done is clear my limiting karmic cause and effect subconscious mind programmes and replace them with my universal Golden Soul programme. My life and perception have evolved beyond words. Now, it is the life I have always dreamed of. My super-conscious Soul has slowly integrated into my Subconscious Ego mind. These days, my life is manifesting more from that mind integration than from my past karmic subconscious mind programmes.


This is only what has happened to me. I AM no exception to the Hu-man rule. I AM a mortal with my fair share of karma, just like everybody else. Everything I know and share has been learned through the observation of my own life experiences, including how the Subconscious Ego thinks and operates, with its mental patterns and emotional rhythms.


Everyone has this Golden Potential hidden under their karmic subconscious layer. Everything is right under our noses; we just need to learn how to see it!

Yasamika's Philosophy

Everyone has fragments of memories floating around in their head, like the scattered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When something disruptive happens, fleeting glimpses of connected pieces of memory are stirred up.


In my experience, people have no clear idea of what to do with them.


Over the years, I have discovered subconscious templates that these small mind pictures can be put on to, allowing the bigger picture to rise to the surface and become visible. From there we can do something with it.


One of my main jobs is to make the invisible, visible. Everything is right there; we just need to know how to recognise it.


I show people how to find their subconscious patterning. I give them easy but profound steps to follow which will transform their lives. What they do with it next, is up to them.


My role is to open the door, it is up to the individual to decide if they will walk through it.  

Self-mastery is the name of the game. I show people how to see the game and provide them with hints on how to play. It is up to them to play when, and if, they are ready. As always, these people must be self-chosen and ready to follow the call of their Soul.

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We are all Gods and Goddesses in our own right. We all have the creative ‘Light that Lighteth’ every person, inside of us. It is our job to own what we have created, recognise our own subconscious creative process, resolve our own karma and change it, if need be. However, we have been conditioned and programmed to be the exact opposite; we are unaware of our role in the bigger picture.


Our subconscious mind programmes are designed to keep us safe by slowing us down and stopping us. As we gradually clear our limiting subconscious patterns, replacing them with our Soul's unlimited programme of perfection, we slowly but surely evolve into a Hu-man Being with super-consciousness. This is an automatic process.

This is ALL free choice. This freedom should never be forced on anyone or done on someone else’s behalf without their knowledge and agreement. Every individual has the right to choose for themselves what pathway they will follow.


I AM only a conduit. I have no interest in promoting myself and my insights as absolute. I AM here to be ME, just as You are here to be You. The rest is up to the natural flow of life and the way it is shown to us.


Our whole life journey is about the Self. We can support each other, but the bottom line is 'Self-Mastery' and 'Self Discovery'. We have spent lifetimes building our conscious self, accumulating experiences and karmic patterning of all types. Now it is time for us to observe and access our 4th-dimensional memory matrix, acknowledge our experiences and clear our emotional attachments to those experiences the best way we can.


I AM fully aware that those who want to evolve in this way, must 'heal thy self' from the inside out. I help self-chosen people by sharing my awareness and empowering them. It is important that they understand, that who they are on the inside creates everything that they are trying to deal with on the outside.


You should never blindly believe what I say - or anyone else, for that matter! If what I say and teach resonates with you, Good! If what I say and teach fails to resonate with you, Good! Always search for your own answers. Look and perceive for yourself.


Knowledge is knowing; Wisdom is being.



Yasamika's Personal FAQs


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What have you done to get where you are now?

I have basically been me, lived my life and had a few life-changing experiences along the way.

My back was infected by the poisonous toxin from a white-tail spider. I literally rotted for several weeks and in amongst all the drama and pain, I found out that there were things on the inside of me creating the things happening on the outside of me.


When I first found that I had patterns running, I assumed that becoming aware of the patterns meant that the rotting would go away. This is a common mistake that many of us make; but it was nought the case.

Finding a mind pattern does release a certain amount of energy or emotion, but it does nought clear the actual programme that holds the emotional and mental pattern in place.


The assumption that simply finding the pattern clears it out of the mind is an illusion. The imprinted problem is nought solved or changed. For anything to be changed it must be solved by a consciousness higher than the one in which it resides.

It is the same as finding leaves in your swimming pool or cat poo on the carpet in the middle of your living room. Finding the manifestation is only the first step. After you have found the problem, you need to do something about it and clean up the discordant manifestation.

After I found my repeating pattern, I assumed that all would be well and I would start healing, but my wound got worse! Clearly, I had more work to do or something else to find out. I had never had much to do with computers at that stage of my life, but I deduced that whatever was creating all the rotting must be like a programme or a CD that had kicked in somehow, creating whatever it was.

I then had to find a way of clearing, changing or deleting that programme out of my mind ... wherever that was! Whilst I was in a ton of pain, something invisible inside of me and untouchable to the physical world was creating my nightmare. I had to find the pattern and something to clear or change it. The best thing I could think of was Light. I knew I had a light inside me and perhaps that would do the trick!

I used salt and pepper shakers and anything else on the dinner table to roleplay the pattern so that my mind knew what I was trying to clear. A small torch was used to simulate Light clearing the mind pattern. It took a while to accomplish this, but as soon as I had finished the roleplay and used the Light for the clearing my wound began to heal.

Yahoo for that ... within 2-3 weeks I was completely healed!

Did it only take one clearing to heal all the rotting?


NO, I wish!!! This was nought the case.

I manifested the rotting on my back around my spinal cord. As I played out my mind programmes the wound kept getting bigger and bigger until it was the size of a large slice of pizza. In time, I developed another hole alongside the original one and this also grew big. Judging by that, it was clear that it would take more than just one clearing to heal all the discord that was manifesting on my body. As I learned about patterns and the clearing of them, I did clearings around different issues and angles and my wounds began healing immediately.

How did you know that you got the right clearing?

For a start, I would find patterns by reading into what had happened that day; something upsetting or something that created any kind of emotional disruption. I would explore what type of emotional attachment there was to that physical experience. I would then search my memory to see where it had happened before, looking into my childhood to establish where it could have come from. After that, I would try to fit it into a pattern, then clear the pattern and the emotional attachment to it.

I found acceptance was key during the process, and that only comes with an awareness of a situation. If I had tracked, found and cleared the correct pattern the wound would lose its red inflamed energy almost straight away and start healing. If I had accidentally found another pattern, one that had no-thing to do with the spider toxin, and cleared something else, no-thing would happen to the wound. It would continue to rot and cause me pain.

When the 'wrong' clearing thing happened, I would start looking for another pattern and begin the clearing process all over again. To stop this pain, I was determined to clear the emotional issues that resided in my rotting back as soon as possible. It was through this intense, pressurised situation that I was able to discover so much about the subconscious self and develop the clearing process. In hindsight, the discord and pain were a blessing, but at the time it was a dreadful experience and bloody hard work.

Did you ever lose faith in the clearing process?

YES - all the time!

For a start, I would think that the clearing had no effect and that it was just one great big waste of time. But then I would think back to a clearing that had worked when something did change and I would start looking again for the correct pattern to clear. Once I found the right pattern and cleared it out of my subconscious mind, the healing would recommence immediately and when this happened my faith in the process would be re-established.

Through this process I realised that the clearings did work and the steps were perfect. It was just up to me to consciously find the right programmes to clear.

I was (and still am) a very Hu-man Being and doubt is a very good mortal condition, but the bottom line for me was that the clearings stopped the rotting and pain. Any less and my efforts would have been no more than a waste of time!

Did you ever get sick of looking for clearings?

Absolutely, it was exhausting!!

When I first started this part of the journey, I was in astounding pain from the rotting, curled up and crying in a corner of the living room, trying to obtain the focus to mentally work out the clearing process itself as well as finding mind patterns to clear. On top of that I would often find the 'wrong' programme to clear and had to start looking for another one. While I felt absolutely sick to death of finding clearings at times, I knew that this process was the only thing that was going to heal me, so I never had much choice.

Today is still the same. If I manifest a block of any kind, I know there is a programme behind it and there is a clearing in there somewhere that has to be done to free up the energy. One of the rules around clearing is that you must know and own your experience. You can nought just say “Clear my sore big toe” and hey presto! You have to go into your toe and find the blessed pattern. When you have identified the pattern, your Subconscious Ego knows what your intention is and will assist in your clearing.

We always have free choice to either clear a programme or ignore it. I realise it is important to have a life as well as clearing our karma, and I sometimes choose to ignore a pattern for sanity reasons. When a programme has nought been cleared, it will remain in the subconscious and will be played again anyway. Perhaps I will get it next time.

This may be an incorrect way of dealing with clearings, but laziness and procrastination are often our mortal way of dealing with life.

If a programme gets too out of hand, creating all types of discordant things in my reality, I will be forced to deal with it. This reflects another fantastic mortal characteristic: we are often only motivated to act when the proverbial hits the fan or we have hit the wall. I will own this too - mortality is a marvellous thing. People have often heard me say "When you have hit the wall, give me a call." This is when the programmes are creating so much chaos in your life that you have no choice but to look at clearing the blessed thing.

Did you try any other kind of healing?

Before I started to look deeper into what was causing the rotting, I tried everything in the fields of orthodox medicine and alternative healing that I could get my hands on. No-thing worked!!

What did other people think?

I sometimes had friends and relatives turn up for a visit, finding me in a weeping, rotting painful state. They wondered what on earth I had got myself into. Nearly all my visitors would dispense advice about different orthodox and alternative remedies – most of which I had already tried. They never really knew what I was up to.

On the odd occasion I would open up to someone about what I had found out; how Hu-man Beings manifest everything in our lives from the inside out and how I was working on internal clearings. However, it usually went straight over their heads and made the visiting situation awkward, so I soon learnt to keep my mouth shut and quietly carried on with what I was doing.

How did you know that the clearings worked?

After the right clearing was done, there was usually some type of immediate physical change in the rotting flesh: the inflammation around the wounds would die down or go away, the pain would disappear, or there would be a large discharge from the wound. A lot of the time I had no idea that they worked. The clearing happens in the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension, totally out of the ‘Time Space Universe.’ Quite often after a clearing, people do nought notice any difference until it dawns on them that what they cleared is no longer in their reality.

What did you think when you realised that you had found something that could heal yourself, when everything else failed to work?

For a start, I just cried due to the pure relief from the pain. I finally had some Light at the end of my torturous tunnel. Then it started to hit me... what had I found? There was doubt everywhere. As children, we are conditioned to take something physical like a pill or potion, go to the hospital, get injected with something or cut things out to heal whatever is wrong with us. On top of that, we are also conditioned to have someone else heal us, rather than healing ourselves.

It is a HUGE step when someone starts doing their own clearing. I had found an astounding healing technique whereby I went through a roleplay on the dinner table, pretending the light from a small torch was my inner Light, and it changed my entire destiny... Yahoo!

30 odd years after going through the rotting process, I have streamlined and perfected what was quite a long-winded process and whittled it down into a very user-friendly, quick 'Eternal Clearing'. Even up to this present day, I am still astounded by what this process does for our lives – accomplishing things that are no-thing short of miracles.

Often, after someone has done some clearings they will come back to me or phone and say, "You will never believe what has happened!" Then they tell me what MAGICAL things have manifested in their lives.

Magnificent and perfect things can and do manifest after we have cleared our programmes. While I am unsure how all of this happens, I do know that the Eternal Flame is the symbol for the Super-Consciousness that resides in ALL of us. It represents Peace, Harmony and Prosperity, and it is charged with 144,000 units of Light – that has to be better than anything a limited conscious mind can conjure up.

I also understand that there are beings who reside in the Soul Consciousness or Golden Matrix, who help orchestrate our Soul and karmic destinies. When we do a clearing - taking out limiting karmic programming and replacing it with a programme of Light, this allows these beings to assist us.

If we want to evolve as Hu-man Beings and manifest lives of Peace, Harmony and Prosperity, it is imperative for us to clear the subconscious limitation out of our karmic matrix so these beings of Light can get on with their job and bring things into alignment for us. In saying this, they can only give us portals of opportunity - it will always be our job to action the plan.

Did you ever use any kind of physical remedies to help heal yourselves?

I have always believed that the right physical thing will turn up to help out. It matters nought whether the discordant situation we have manifested is a physical, mental or emotional one.

Whilst I was doing my clearings I ingested or rubbed my body with whatever felt right. For a start, as well as some orthodox ointments, I also used alternative ones.

I always suggest that people do whatever feels right for them on a physical level. If this means a massage, surgery, or whatever it is - do it. It is important to have a balanced method of healing - physical, emotional and karmic. This means treating the discord with the relevant physical remedy and always remembering there is a mind programme behind the scenes creating everything.

It is the metaphorical spider and the cobweb situation.

For every cobweb (emotional attachment) there is a spider (karmic programme) creating it. We can clean up the cobweb but it is more important to get the spider, otherwise the cobweb is only going to come back.

There are marvellous advancements happening in the field of medicine. It would be monumental ignorance on my part to down cry conventional medicine or advise people to dismiss this huge pool of information and healing. I understand that the medical faction deal with the physical side of things and that is great.

However, when we know how to clear our inner mind programmes, we can use both the orthodox and alternative approaches to create wellness. Sometimes we need relief from the pain and suffering that our programmes are creating, and I think a painkiller here or there is fine. Whilst the person is getting some type of relief, it will give them time to find the pattern and clear it.

Have you ever been labelled a God?

I am careful with this one. Hu-mans are very quick to put a label on something or someone, making them an idol.

It is actually the clearing process and the FLAME that does the clearings. This is what creates the healing, change or miracles. I am just the person who discovered this particular process.

What I share makes everyone and everything transparent. It puts us all on a level playing field, and that includes me. We are conditioned to think some people are higher than others and therefore they are better or more privileged than the rest. We see a pyramid and we think that the ones up the top are the winners. When in actual fact the top of the pyramid is only an example of what is happening inside us.

Sure, after you have been through what I physically, mentally and emotionally endured, you get to know the process inside out and really know how to work it. To this very day, I am still learning about life, the clearing process and its finer details. However, the bottom line is that the healing has no-thing to do with me. Once someone has learned the Eternal Clearing process, they can change their own lives by using it to clear their own subconscious mind programmes.

Self-mastery is the key. "Heal Thy Self," is the name of the game according to my perception.

One of the most rewarding things for me to hear is how much someone's life has changed after they have learned the clearing process and they have begun clearing their own karmic mind programmes. Self-empowerment is very important.

Can the clearing process be used for other aspects of life?

Everything in our reality is created from subconscious mind programmes. These programmes govern everything on the stage of our life; the props, the cast and characters, the drama that unfolds, the theme or lifetime, and the extras - there is no-thing in a mortal Hu-man Being's life that is nought the result of a mind programme.

The effect of mind programmes is beyond belief. They play a massive part in all areas of our life: health, wealth, relationships, where you live, how you live, who you live with, who your friends are, where you work, how you work, how you earn your income, where you go out, what happens when you go out, why you stay home, why you hate home, automobile accidents, criminal activity - the list goes on and on.

How many clearings a day do you do?

People often have the perception that I sit around all day in robes, clearing my karma and finding the keys to Life. This is totally incorrect.

I lead a normal life, whatever that means these days! First of all, I have myself to be responsible for.

Each mortal Hu-man Being has five main subconscious physical realities:

Home, Indoor (away from home), Outdoor, Transition and Out Virtual. We have programmes for each reality and I live in these realities like everyone else. I have a partner and I have a family; adult children, their partners, and grandchildren. I teach people how to clear their own karma. On top of that, I AM writing and lecturing about the subject and I mentor youth at risk.

This is only the tip of the iceberg - anyone can see that I have plenty of things to do. I perceive Life is for living and experiencing. This is, after all, why we are ALL down here as mortals. To avoid experience is to avoid Life.

To answer the question - I do a clearing whenever I think I need to. This can vary from very little to several days of tracking to find the pattern I am running. However, this is nought sitting down and doing a two-hour session each clearing. It consists of running a programme and the emotions connected to that programme through my mind and body and clearing it. This is all done in my head or imagination. Sometimes when I have found what I perceive to be an important clearing or programme, I will sit at the table and slowly go over the pattern, ensuring I have covered as many cause and effect angles as possible before I clear it.

Once our mind is used to doing a clearing, the process is very quick and easy. Finding the right programme can take time, but once it is found and identified, a clearing can take less 5 minutes.

How long does it take you to do a clearing?

I have been doing this for a long time, so when I set my mind to a clearing, it knows what I want and goes into automatic clearing mode. It is just like learning how to ride a bike; in the beginning, there seem to be so many things to remember, but after a while, the mind knows what to do and it becomes automatic pilot. It seems so easy then.

The actual clearing can be done in under 5 minutes - the steps are quick and easy once you have learned them. It is finding and formatting the mind programme that can take time, but even this becomes quicker as you go. The Flame or the super-consciousness does the actual clearing, and this higher consciousness works very quickly – think of the difference between dial-up and wifi, and then some.

What is the final destination?

Victory over the Self.

For me, the final destination is about maintaining an awareness of the now and clearing our karma to manifest divine Peace, Harmony and Prosperity in a physical 3rd-dimensional reality.

We must first manifest this within ourselves - the rest will follow. All I have ever wanted is a life of ease and perfection, and if that means I have to clear my programming, so be it. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground and deal with what is happening in the present moment. I have a magical life; a spectacular partner, an astounding mortal family, a fantastic Soul family, great friends and things for me just keep on getting better and better.

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