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FAQs About Clearings


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What does Karma mean?

Karma is a Sanskrit word for cause and effect.

Subconscious Mind programmes are based on the karmic equation of cause and effect. The Subconscious Ego creates a cause to get some kind of effect. Generally, whenever we receive attention or personal acknowledgement, the Subconscious Ego perceives the incoming energy as LOVE. Therefore, we will be programmed and driven to act out more of the same behaviour to earn more of the same effect.


Do we do everything because of karma?

Yes. Whether we realise or understand it, we do everything to achieve subconscious love, which is based on the law of karma (cause and effect). Until we have correctly cleared our subconscious karmic programmes, the cause and effect equation will remain and dominate our life. This is why we repeat the same patterns over and over again.


Why do the clearings work?

Mind programmes are generally invisible to us because we live our everyday lives in the 3rd Dimension. Subconscious mind programmes are stored in our 4th-dimensional mind, so our 3rd-dimensional senses are unable to perceive them. No-thing physical outside of ourselves can clear these inter-dimensional programmes: pills, potions, operations, massage, healing and so on. These modalities have their place, but they are in the incorrect level of the 4th Dimension to have a full clearing effect on our mind programmes. 

Exterior healing of any kind can remove negative energy from the underlying programme and bring relief to the physical pain created by the programmes, however, pain is merely a symptom. The programme itself is always the cause. Pain or discordance within the body can be thought of as a cobweb and the programme as a spider. The ‘spider’ is based in the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension where it spins its webs into creation. We can use external healing and treatments to clean up the cobwebs, but they fail to reach the spider, who is safely tucked away in a higher octave happily living and spinning on.

During a clearing session, we connect to the Soul’s Eternal Flame – an energy that is deeper and more powerful than the Subconscious Ego and the spiritual reality where the programmes reside. The Eternal Flame easily accesses and clears the spider. This is why the clearings work.

Do I have to believe in any specific belief system or religion for clearings to take effect?

The clearing system does nought discriminate between any beings and is designed to fit all belief systems and religions. The Eternal Flame is within the heart of ALL hu-man beings. Without this Light of Life and vitality, a person would be physically dead and cold. All belief systems acknowledge and honour the God energy within all beings, even though they all have different names for it. This Divine Place within all beings is where there is Oneness with no separation.

When someone does a clearing, is it like re-birthing yourself?

Yes it is.

Clearing the old you, according to past karmic programming and replacing it with a new divine ‘Universal’ programme is like re-birthing or giving yourself a new start. When someone does a clearing, they observe the old programming to gain knowledge and wisdom about the role the programme has played in their lives. This person experiences self-discovery and then surrenders the old karmic programme into their own Eternal Flame.

Do I have to call it the 'Eternal Flame'?

No. It is important that the clearing system works within each person's subconscious belief system. Our mind can block a clearing if it is unable to put the Flame into a box that it is compatible with. I call it the 'Eternal Flame' because my mind recognises the physical image of the flame as the God source. This symbolism may nought suit everyone, but it is important to choose a symbol that represents the Internal Light or God Fire within yourself.

Why is the Eternal Flame called the Christed Light / Energy, and does it have anything to do with religion?

The source of pure energy within all beings is simply called Christ energy. In the same way that the energy that powers electrical appliances is called electricity, it is simply the name given to that particular energy. It has no-thing to do with any religion. 

Every being on the planet has Christed light within them and no external force can ever own it or take it away. Any resistance to the terminology stems from a subconscious programme based on negative emotional attachments created through distressing life experiences. These attachments can be cleared when the person is ready.

The word Christ is the name or title of the pure spring of endless high-frequency light energy in the heart and head of ALL beings. Throughout the history of the Earth, many beings have lived in different parts of the world in a physical manifestation of Christed energy, walking and talking the Christ Consciousness or the Ideal of Life.

Do I have to believe it before the clearing works?

No, you just need to accept and give it a go.

When I started clearing, I had no belief that it would work. I only attempted a clearing because no-thing else had worked for me. The question of faith or belief only comes in when we try to get our head and heart around the fact that an invisible programme of Light or God will actually work - it always does. The Light of God never fails. This can be a big assumption, considering that most of the Hu-man population are conditioned as children to believe that someone or something outside of themselves has to do the healing for them. 

How do I know if these clearings work?

Try one – proof has always been in the pudding! If it works – stick with it!

When a hole in my back was rotting due to poisoning from spider toxin and I had tried all other healing methods available, I was forced to try something new because no-thing else had worked. The clearing process I developed and now teach was in a very primitive form back then. I first had to discover it before I could use it. However, as soon as I tried it out and did a clearing, I immediately found that there was a positive change and less pain. Hallelujah for that!!

I learnt through experience and trying it out. We already have everything we require to do a clearing within ourselves. No-thing extra is needed from the outside! We just need to learn how to find the programmes and how to clear them.

Once we know how to clear our subconscious programming, the process is ours forever. Every individual will have their own personal confirmation or proof of their effectiveness - the results will speak for themselves.

We are conditioned from childhood to believe that a pill, potion, operation, or something on the outside of ourselves will help or heal us, so when we do a clearing, doubt is often in the back of our minds: “When I am unable to see it, touch it, or swallow it, how can this invisible Light of God within me help?" We must learn to trust our own ability to heal ourselves.

Will clearing my karmic programmes turn me into a mind zombie?

No, actually the reverse!

When we do a clearing, we put the Divine Golden Universal Programme of our Eternal Flame into our subconscious matrix - we still retain all functioning mind and emotional aspects.

Thanks to the dominant, negative forces on this planet, it is actually the subconscious mind programmes that we run which keeps everyone in a pre-programmed, fear-based Zombieland reality.

When we start clearing our karma, we are awakening and becoming aware of what is happening around us, which takes us out of the cycle of ignorance and zombie mind.

Will clearing my karma wipe out my existence or destiny?

It will change the course of your destiny!

Each person must live their life according to the patterns created by their pre-programmed karmic mind files. When we flame a karmic mind programme, our subconscious existence starts to become exactly what the Flame stands for, which is Peace, Harmony and Prosperity.

As the limiting cause and effect programmes are cleared out of the subconscious mind and are replaced with the Eternal Flame's Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience, the pre-programmed karmic destiny is changed for the better.

There are three destinies; a subconscious karmic destiny which splits into two - a Red emotional and a Blue mental destiny, and the Soul destiny - also known as the Golden Way.

Clearings remove the programmes that keep people stuck in their past karmic destiny. During a clearing, these old programmes are replaced with the Light of the Soul and the Soul destiny then takes over. 

Can I do my own clearings and clear or heal myself?


Heal thy (healthy) self is the name of the game.

The clearing system is a totally self-contained formula, just like every Hu-man Being that walks the planet. Once we become familiar with the clearing system, no matter where we are: bedroom, bathroom, mowing the lawns, doing the dishes, walking in the park ... we can do a clearing straight out of our memory matrix, in our own power.

Can a clearing ever go wrong?

No. A clearing can never go wrong. All clearings are done in a fully conscious state of awareness. Clearings have no-thing to do with hypnotherapy or putting oneself into a trance/unconscious/uncontrollable state. However, there is one way that a clearing can be made ineffective, having no influence on the subconscious clearing process. This is important to know about.

When the word 'Not' or any word with a derivative of ‘Not’ in it such as - can't, won't, didn't, shouldn’t - is used in the wording of a karmic clearing, it changes the substance of the clearing.

The conscious mind perceives the surface of a reality. The subconscious mind perceives what is submerged below or behind a reality. On the surface, the conscious mind perceives the word 'not' to mean nothing, zero or void. Therefore, the subconscious mind is unable to accurately register any wording including NOT. As the word literally provides no meaning or substance for the subconscious mind to hook onto, it just ignores it and automatically deletes it from the communication.

"Do not drink and drive” is read or heard by the subconscious mind as “Do drink and drive".

"Do not spill the milk" is read or heard by the subconscious mind as "Do spill the milk".

Knowing this, it is interesting to observe the Shakespearean prose: "To be or not to be, that is the question?"

How can I get around using the word NOT?

The original meaning of the word NOT is no-thing. The common usage of NOT is an abbreviation of 'Nought'. This word does have meaning to the subconscious mind.

When we can get used to using the word 'nought' in conversation rather than 'not', our words and messages have more direction and power.

When doing a clearing, to stop the 'NOT' word from creating a confusing message for the subconscious mind, there are two things you can do:

1. Simply take the word 'NOT' or any derivatives of 'NOT' out of the wording and replace it with words like avoid, fail to, unable, refrain, unnecessary, inadequate, etc.

2. Replace the 'NOT' word with 'nought'. This will register with the subconscious, making sure that it knows exactly what you want, so that it can do the correct clearing job for you.

Do you have to be any particular age to clear your karma?

There are people of all ages clearing their karmic cause and effect programming with great success and fulfilling results:

  • teenagers clearing bully karma, boyfriend/girlfriend programming, study and income blocks.

  • young couples clearing relationship programming, sexual programmes, income blocks, and communication blocks.

  • divorced and separated males and females clearing their main female/male programming to stop manifesting the repeating patterns in their past relationship.

  • elderly people clearing income blocks, wellness and mobility issues, family issues or lack of travel programmes.

  • victims of all ages who repeatedly get violated or attacked.

No matter the age, all of us have the same cause and effect programming or conditioning. The only thing that makes the pattern different from one to another is the specific circumstances, a lesser or greater degree of intensity and a different angle of perception.

Are clearings ever a waste of time?

No, never!

When a karmic programme is cleared and replaced with the perfection of the Eternal Flame, the cleared programme is cleared forever. This means that even when a person dies and passes through into the 4th Dimension, the cleared programme goes with them. They will always have the Eternal Light of the Flame shining in their subconscious filing system.

How much do I have to clear?

A person's mind has a limited amount of karmic programmes. This is why our minds repeat programmes or patterns over and over again to create an effect. Understanding this limitation means that every clearing done, is a clearing that never needs to be done again.

A snowball effect takes place whereby a person's conscious and subconscious mind capacity expands with every clearing they do. The expanded mind capacity means more awareness. With the new-found awareness, a person is able to do more and more in-depth clearings and therefore the clearings become bigger and more profound. 

When we first start clearing our patterning using the Eternal Flame, the subconscious mind is full of programmes.  The subconscious cause and effect mind programmes carry all the power in a person's life at this stage. By using the Eternal Flame, the balance of power begins to swing more and more towards the Light. When we have cleared 51% of our programmes, the balance of power is in the Light's favour.

Every clearing done places more Light into the subconscious mind. There will be continual changes in a person's life whilst they are clearing their programmes. The Light will always prevail over Shadow (old fear-based programmes). Every clearing prepares our mind for a larger quota of high-frequency pure energy, so when it is time to ascend or become a Christed being, the mind is ready with the capacity to hold such a powerful state of being.

Does clearing my mind programmes, have anything to do with Ascension?

Yes. Ascension is all about raising the consciousness of an individual, holding a heightened state of being and existing in a pure consciousness. The things that keep our consciousness limited are the karmic cause and effect mind programmes stuck in the subconscious layers of our being.

The key to ascension is the clearing of mind programmes, so the consciousness of the mind can rise or ascend to higher frequencies.

By the way, Ascension is a personal thing. No one, no external idol, being or belief system, no guru or channelled extraterrestrial can do it for you. We are all Gods and Goddesses in our own right. It is our job to embrace our individual ascension of consciousness.  

Can I help clear my children's/grandchildren's programming?

Yes. When we do our own clearing, we are able to 'Link-Up' with our children or grandchildren. When the clearing is performed these 'linked' people will also be cleared and reap the benefit. 

Remember that you must obtain intuitive permission first. It is inappropriate to bowl in and clear someone else’s subconscious matrix, no matter what their relationship is to you. Free choice rules and permission must be asked first, otherwise, it is a transgression and will automatically fail.

Is this manipulating the child's mind?

No. Whenever anyone is helping another being, young or old, with their karma, permission must be asked for first. This can be done in person or through the use of intuition or visualisation. If permission is asked and a signal of disapproval is sent back, that's IT! No argument. If the clearer decides to transgress and overrides the free choice of the other being, doing the clearing anyway, the clearing will be subconsciously blocked by the other person. The clearing will nought work, resulting in a waste of effort and energy for the client and clearer. 

When a person goes to a healer or doctor of any kind to get healed, do they actually get healed forever?

Every physical manifestation a person has comes from a mind programme. This includes physical discord in the form of muscle/bone/joint pain, illness, sickness, injury, dis-ease - everything! Mind programmes are like a spider and the pain or physical discord is the cobweb woven by the spider. When a person looks outside of themselves for pain relief or healing, the healer will help to clear the painful energy by getting rid of the cobwebs. When the healer does this the person often thinks he/she is healed, however, this is only partly correct.

The healer or doctor has dealt with the upsetting cobwebs but the mind programme or spider still remains the same. This means that the potential to create another cobweb, another day is still in place. That is why illness and injuries repeat. The mind programming is still there even though the 'healing' has been done. 

There is no-thing wrong with seeking help or support for physical discord from a healer or doctor. Sometimes a person needs relief from their own pain and that is fine. I have done it myself and am a better person because of it. However, after the pain has disappeared or subsided, just remember there is still a mind programme in there somewhere ready to run again - unless you clear it of course!

Do I have to clear the same thing more than once?

No! Once the correct programme is found, cleared and the void is filled with the Eternal Flame that is it. The Eternal Flame is eternal and no-thing can override it or take it out of the subconscious matrix.

We may think that the same programme has recurred when a slightly different angle of the old programme is still stuck in the subconscious matrix and is being played out. Often, we do a clearing on a particular issue but are unaware that there are other angles to it. These angles will need clearing also. It may seem that you are repeating the same clearing but, in reality, you are targeting an aspect that was omitted from the original clearing.

Maybe you did a clearing about being harassed by male authoritative beings (teachers, bosses or policemen). Some time afterwards, a female authoritative being turns up and harasses you. You may think the clearing had never worked, but in actual fact, you had only cleared the male aspect and had nought realised that the female authoritative aspect was relevant also.

What do I clear first?

Whatever is manifesting in our life at the present moment is the priority that is revealing itself to be cleared. This is the issue that needs to be addressed first, taking one step at a time, gathering as much information about the issue as possible. 

It is through the awareness of our mind programmes that we gain knowledge and wisdom about ourselves.

How do I know I have programming?

Everyone has programming!

  • The best and easiest way to tell if a programme is running is to observe whether there is a repeating pattern. As soon as there is a repeat in your life: Mental, physical or emotional, that is a sure sign you are playing something. 

  • The mind is programmed to create experiences for a positive Effect. This creates life conditions mimicking a roller-coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs. Negative Causes seem to work better than the positive ones, in that they make more of an impact and are easier to recognise or remember. As soon as a person has a negative Cause or downer happen in their life, he/she is running a programme. Cause and Effect programmes create both positive and negative experiences.

  • Check and see whether your parents have manifested the same type of experiences in their lives. Everyone downloads their parent's karmic Cause and Effect programmes and if Mum or Dad has them, you will have them one way or another.

  • Investigate whether your siblings, uncle, aunt or grandparents have similar programming. Your Subconscious Ego will have downloaded programmes from the same lineage. 

Why do we have repeats in our lives?

The subconscious mind is only capable of holding a limited amount of Cause and Effect mind-ware, so it has to go back and repeat the same programmes again and again. It is the same as a person going through their music collection and sorting through their CDs. The collection will be limited. No matter how big it is, it will only be a matter of time before the CDs will start repeating programmes.

Is it possible for a person to clear all their mind programmes?

Yes. Subconscious mind programmes are nought infinite. They are limited in number and they can all be cleared. As a person clears their mind programmes, their mind capacity and awareness expands. This means that the clearings become more expansive, speeding up the entire clearing process.

If something happens to me, does that mean I have a programme to create it?

Yes, otherwise it could never happen to you!

Things never happen to us in isolation. Other people are involved in certain situations and manifestations. Everything works on a 50/50 basis.

When something happens between two people, each person holds 50% of the manifestation of the experience. To get an Effect, a victim must manifest a perpetrator or dominator, and a dominator/perpetrator must manifest a victim. When your 50% is cleared, it is impossible for another person to pull you into the same old karma. What happens, is that without that old programme running in your subconscious, you have become invisible to the drama.

When we start clearing our karma, it is our job to own and be responsible for our personal 50% of the equation. No-thing and no-one will hook us in for an Effect. This is very different to consciously blocking it out, ignoring it and pretending no-thing is happening. These are insufficient karmic ways of dealing with a discordant situation and will fail to achieve the desired Effect in the long run.

A lot of people say, "I don't want that to happen in my life." However, when it comes to subconscious programming, you get whatever you have, rather than what you want.

Can I clear my pet's or animal's patterns that make them sick, ill or a nuisance?

Yes, certainly.

When I was learning about this clearing process and how it works, I encountered animals and pets that had, for one reason or another, some type of discord. I realised that if I was asked, there was no-thing to lose if I tried a clearing on them.

Once I knew how to clear properly, there was no way I could harm the animal, so I tried it.

After connecting with the animals and intuitively gaining their permission, I read their patterning from their physical manifestations as well as using my intuition to work out the programming. If I found and cleared the right programme, the animal would totally change and the karmic pattern that created all the drama would disappear.

In saying this, it is important to understand that the sick or sore animal is only reflecting a programme back to the owner. It is all very well healing discordant animals, but it is a wiser thing to look behind the discord and see what is being reflected as a signpost. Once the programme is found, do the clearing for yourself and link-up to the animal so both parties are gaining from the experience.

Is there any limit to clearings?

No! There is no limit.

The Flame is the symbol of our super-conscious mind. It has the capacity to do phenomenal things, we just need to grow our awareness to learn how to use it. It is like a TV remote of super-conscious power and abilities. Once a person knows the basics about clearing their karmic Cause and Effect through the Flame, they can put those basics into clearing all types of things.

Clearing patterns out of the subconscious mind is only the beginning. We can help other Hu-man Beings and the animal kingdom to clear their programming. We can also clear and reprogramme houses and buildings, properties and land masses, town and cities, islands, countries, planets and stars. We must understand that the Flame or Soul Reality inside all beings is the most powerful energy or consciousness in the perceived uni-verse, multi-verse or inner-verse and it is there to be consciously used, rather than looked at or just honoured. 

Without doing any clearings can a person manifest their Ultimate Shambhala?

Our exterior reality is totally controlled by our internal reality. It is impossible for someone to manifest a perfectly divine reality on the outside, without being perfectly divine on the inside. This means that the internal subconscious programmes which filter everything coming from the enlightened Soul must be changed or transmuted into a divine vibration. It is a total waste of time for anyone to start looking for an exterior Shambhala, without doing their own internal work first.

FAQs About The Flame


Is the Eternal Flame the same as the Soul?

Yes. The Eternal Flame is the symbol for the 'The Light that Lighteth' everyone, the Soul or Holy Spirit of a person. The Eternal Flame stands for Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Free Choice, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and the Ever-Expanding Perfection. This is what 'Soul Consciousness' or the 'Golden Matrix' stands for.

A candle flame is a symbol for the Eternal Flame.

  • Whenever there is a heartfelt occasion, personal loss or death a candle is lit. This is symbolic of remembrance or honouring the Soul of the person who has been lost from the physical level of consciousness.

  • At birthdays, candles are lit to celebrate every year the Soul has been inside the physical body for this incarnation.

  • Whenever we want to construct an environment that is heartfelt, such as a romantic dinner, candles are often lit to set the scene.

  • Setting an ambient atmosphere which is soft and warm like a peaceful relaxing bath, candles are lit to create a warm personal Soul reality.

  • All religions on Earth use a candle flame to represent a higher level of consciousness, which is the 'Soul or Light Level' of consciousness. The candle flame for many religions is the symbol for the Holy Spirit which is the same as the Soul.

  • In the presence of an open fire, people often feel warm, content and able to communicate more openly on a deeper level. Long periods of time are often spent happily gazing into the fire. This type of atmosphere has got Soul Consciousness written all over it.

  • The Olympic Games uses the symbol of a flame to unite all humanity and the participating countries on a Soul Level. The flame is the 'Star' or 'Heart and Soul' of the sporting event. It starts the show with a blaze of glory, blazing away throughout the time this enormous event takes place. When the Games finish, the final act is to extinguish the flame and a pledge is given that it will be re-ignited in another four years to celebrate the beginning of the next Olympics.

Do I have to use the term 'Eternal Flame'?

No, nought at all. You do what works for you. It is important that the clearing system works within everyone's belief system. A person's mind could block the clearing if it is unable to put the Flame into a box that it can accept and understand.

I like to use the Eternal Flame as the reference point to the Soul because it is the most compatible way of connecting to that sacred place without having an attachment to any particular belief system – a Flame is a Flame.

It is called the Eternal Flame because all the layers of the mind recognise and know the physical symbol of the Flame as the God or Soul source within everyone. This means every cell in the body lights up when a person visualises or thinks of it. Candles have been lit in religions and cultures when it comes to worshipping or honouring the Soul or Holy Spirit for thousands of years. This means it is in our past life programming so we have the mind-ware for the Flame to work.

In the Christian tradition, the God source within all beings is known as the Holy Spirit, but other titles or names that are used for the Eternal Flame are: Infinite Flame, The Source, Life Light, My Light, Heart-Light, Christed Self, Christed Star, Inner Sun … call it whatever you wish as long as it works for you.

Internationally the Eternal Flame is known as the 'Neshamah' in Hebrew, 'Ahi Kaa' in Maori, 'Jyoti' in Hindi, and 'Ati' in Tibetan. It makes no difference what it is called. However, according to the mind, visual symbols have more power than words, so it does help the mind and all the cells in the body to visualise or imagine a picture of a Flame when using or naming the Source, regardless of what you call it.

Why is the Eternal Flame or the Source of Life called the Christed Light / Energy, and does it have anything to do with religion?

The energy which is projected from the Soul or Light Body of everyone is simply called 'Christ' energy. It has no-thing to do with any religion or belief system. In fact, everyone has Christ Light within their own 'Body Temple' all the time. 

Going to a place of worship can certainly help a person to honour the Christ Light within themselves and pay tribute to the people from all continents and cultures throughout the entire history of Earth, who have tried to share or teach this level of consciousness. 

Is the Light the same as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Jehovah?

The Light or Flame is a symbol of consciousness on a higher level of existence than the 3rd-dimensional physical and 4th-dimensional subconscious spiritual reality. This holy accelerated level of consciousness is within all beings on the planet. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Jehovah, etc., are beings who have supposedly harnessed or tapped this energy and carried it in a physical reality. So, the 'Light' is the energy and the person is the being who manifested it consciously and subconsciously into their consciousness.

When a Hu-man Being gets to that level of consciousness, they become the 'Light' on a consciousness level. That is why there are quotes from Jesus in the bible saying "I AM the Light," and "I AM the Truth, the Light and the Way." According to my perception, He was embodying the 'Almighty “I AM” Presence' making himself the physical manifestation of the Light.

Why Does the Flame work?

The further up the dimensional ladder, the finer and stronger the frequency of the octave or dimension. The Subconscious Ego and its mind programmes operate and reside in the lower octaves of the 4th Dimension, but the Flame, Soul or Holy Spirit operates and resides in the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension and into the 5th Dimension. This level of consciousness is more illuminated with a higher light quotient than the 4th-dimensional spiritual reality. Consider the Ego and its programmes as dial-up internet and the Flame as wifi.

When you take a subconscious programme and put it into your Eternal Flame, it figuratively gets fried. The 5th Dimension balances anything 4th-dimensional and this is why the Flame works. 

To clear anything, you have to use a consciousness higher than the one in which it was created.

Can we call the 'Light' by their name?

There is no right or wrong way. However, in saying that, over many lifetimes, all Hu-mans have worshipped beings who are perceived to have carried a higher consciousness so that they could help us through life: Idols, Gurus, Saints, Religious Hierarchy, Ascended Beings, 'Demi' Gods, Country leaders, Doctors & Healers, Pop Stars, Statues, pendulums, tarot cards, "touch wood", and so on. It is in our karmic programming to honour or worship things and beings outside of ourselves.

This type of programming or conditioning makes us subconsciously susceptible to giving our power away to other beings, rather than owning the fact that we as Hu-man Beings all have the same Ideal Light inside of us.

It is the energy or the consciousness of the inner 'Christ' light that does the clearing of the subconscious programmes, nought the physical body of a person. The Inner Light or the Soul shines at the power of 144,000 units of enlightened energy and it is this consciousness which has the capacity to clear the way.

Is the 'Flame' or Soul the final destination?

The inter-dimensional reality of raising your vibration up to a level of higher consciousness is a never-ending process. Everything must start somewhere and at this moment of time, for all Hu-man Beings, our first step is to embrace and entirely integrate the soul body into our being.

We have further mind levels with a frequency higher than the Soul. Many people think that being spiritual is enough and is adequate to prepare them for the future. However, spirituality is merely a stepping stone towards being connected to the Holy Spirit or Soul.

It is just one step in front of another. We must get to one stage before we are able to integrate the next. Once we have fully integrated the golden level of the Soul - consciously and subconsciously, then the next stage or level will be presented to us.

The next step in from the Soul is the BIGGIE. The Soul has a heart and it is known as ‘The Almighty “I AM” Presence'. This is our God link to everything that IS. This portal of consciousness is what ALL beings will strive for. The Almighty ‘I AM’ Presence is our Godhead with pure God-consciousness. 

Is the Flame connected to anything, or is there anything higher than the Flame?

Yes, there is. There is a consciousness called the 'Almighty "I Am" Presence'. This is everyone’s God-Self, Godhead or metaphoric 'Almighty Genie'. The 'Almighty "I Am" Presence' is the God portal to unlimited realms of Light hierarchy. It is the most powerful and sacred part of each Hu-man Being. It is so magnificent there are no mortal words that can encompass or honour its glorious consciousness correctly.

The 'Almighty "I Am" Presence' is anchored into our Hu-man bodies by the Eternal Flame. For those of computer consciousness, one could say that the Flame is our personal server to the greater power of ever-expanding perfection coming from the 'Almighty "I AM" Presence'. Whenever we have any type of communication or interaction with our Eternal Flame within, we are actually having an interaction with our 'God-Self' - The 'Almighty "I AM" Presence'.

The 'Almighty "I AM" Presence' is known as the "I AM that I AM", and it is historically known to manifest or make itself known by coming through a flame. When Moses supposedly encountered a burning bush in the desert he was actually communicating with his 'Almighty "I AM" Presence'. That is why he thought he was talking to God, because this divine consciousness the 'Almighty "I AM" Presence' is our direct link to our Godhead.

How do you know that the Flame and you are on the right track?

Who says I AM on the right track?

I am just on the track or way that is right for me. Without even knowing it, thirty or so years ago, I started a journey and it has led me to where I AM today. I know it is the right track for me at the moment and I AM very happy with the results and physical confirmations I get whilst on this journey.

Just because my way is right for me, it does nought mean it is the right way for everyone else. There are many ways or tracks to get to the peak of a mountain, this is where conscious free choice comes in very strongly. What is suitable for one person can be unsuitable for another, but sooner or later everyone will have this question put to them, and it will be their choice to answer it.

In saying this, look back into the history and past literature of all the ancient religions and belief systems and observe how many times reference to the 'Holy Flame' or 'Holy Fire' are mentioned. This may give you an idea of what tool you could have close to yourself when walking your track up the mountain.

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