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Glossary of Terms


The purpose of this glossary is to explain the meaning of the jargon and terminologies you will find on this website and in Being Hu-man content in general. They are based purely on our perception, interpretation and universal awareness.


Almighty 'I AM' Presence – Every being's personal link to their Godhead or God-consciousness, the Almighty source of energy ‘that is all that there is’.  This is also known as the ‘I AM that I AM’. It is anchored in the centre of the Soul and it is often referred to as the ‘Heart of the Soul’. The Almighty ‘I AM’ Presence is the most unlimited body of a Hu-man Being: Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. It is everyone’s ever-expanding perfection of themselves.

Archetype – A subconscious role which gives us a karmic purpose and life theme. There are 12 main archetypes and many sub-archetypes.

Ascended Master – A Hu-man Being, who has walked the Earth in a mortal condition, understood how everything in life works and has ascended to greater heights of consciousness. They reside in the Divine Soul reality and above.

Ascending Reality - Moving from a lower reality into a higher reality.

Being - All things have energy and consciousness, which makes everything a being of some kind. A Hu-man Being is a Hu(God) Man(Animal) Being. A God Animal Being.

Blue – A person projecting a subconscious Blue mental mindset; or a programme creating a Blue mental structured state of existence.

Blue Matrix - The 4th-dimensional mental layer or level of existence. 

Blueprint – The base template from which things are built upon.

Cause and Effect – The karmic equation that the Subconscious Ego structures its entire existence on. The cause is the action and the effect is the reaction or response. Whenever a person wants something, the Subconscious Ego must create a cause before it can manifest an effect.

Chakra – A multi-dimensional spinning vortex of energy that is a portal for energy transference from one dimension to another. These spinning portals of energy are found on all living things and beings.

Conduit – A person who is able to consciously stay grounded and world-bridge information between dimensions. This is different from a channel, as a channel leaves their physical body and conscious mind during inter-dimensional communication.

Death Programme - Refer to Exit-Matrix.

Demi-God – A positive or negative being who resides in the higher dimensions, holding power over or residing over other beings in lower dimensions. The influence and dominance of a Demi-God transverses dimensions. A negative Demi-God will manipulate for its own gain, whereas a positive Demi-God will guide but never transgress into another being's reality, as they always leave them with Free Choice over their own domain.

Descending Reality - Moving from a higher reality into a lower reality.

Devic Reality – A reality or world where the Devas or Devic bodies reside, particularly in nature. They are the consciousness that holds a structure together. Pan is the over-lighting authority of the Devic reality of Nature.

Dharma – Doing something without looking for a subconscious effect. A person quietly meditating by themselves is dharma; a person meditating in front of other people to deliberately be seen is karma.

Dimension – A level of existence. The everyday world we physically live in is three dimensional, consisting of height, width and depth. It is the outer layer of everything. The 4th Dimension is a non-physical world which has an extra Inner dimension.  As the dimensions increase beyond the 4th, they are more expansive and illuminated.

Double Blue – A person projecting a subconscious Blue mindset with double mental or physical intensity. A Double Blue makes a person more serious and focused than usual. This puts them in 'mission mode', creating a work reality so that they can seriously focus on what they are thinking and doing.

Double Red – A person projecting a subconscious Red mindset with double emotional intensity. A Double Red makes a person much happier and fun-filled than usual. This is when children are happily laughing and playing; adults sometimes drink alcohol to encourage a giggly double red reality within themselves.

Downer – This is the perceived negative external influence that brings a person’s energy down, triggering the subconscious mind into protection mode.

Earthbound Spirit / Lost Soul - A person in etheric or spirit form who passed over with heavy conscious emotional issues. The heaviness prevents them from rising into the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension where they are supposed to be. When this happens, the weight of their emotional issues keeps them in the dense 3rd-dimensional reality of physical mortals. Sometimes people who die suddenly or quickly get stuck in this reality. Refer to 'Ghost'.

Ego – The managing director of the subconscious mind. It resides within our white astral body and has three jobs: to protect us from physical, emotional and mental pain; to create external attention or personal acknowledgement by creating cause and effect equations; and to fit us into a reality in a balanced way.  

Elements – The five defining attributes which create the specific consciousness of different realities. There are four primary physical elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  The denser they are, the slower they vibrate. Earth is the densest. The 5th element is Space, which is the zero point void. All other elements fit into Space, which makes it the beginning of everything.

Eternal Clearing Steps – The eternal steps that transmute 4th-dimensional mind programmes from the Subconscious Ego mind into the 5th-dimensional Soul mind. These steps balance and clear the contents of limiting cause and effect mind programmes, allowing us to manifest our full potential.

Eternal Flame – The Universal symbol of the Soul or Holy Spirit. The Eternal Flame is made up of three different segments, which are known as the Holy Trinity. Each segment is represented by an individual colour - Magenta Pink, Cobalt Blue and White Gold. The number representing the way to this enlightened holy reality is 13. The number symbolising our presence within this reality is 8. This is why a spider or octopus is a symbol of this divine space.

Etheric Being – A 4th-dimensional Hu-man Being without a 3rd-dimensional physical body or overcoat, more commonly known as a ghost or spirit.

Exit-Matrix – The mind programme within a person, which specifically orchestrates the exiting of their physical existence. When it is our time to pass over, we subconsciously create the specifics of this programme so that we can physically leave the 3rd-dimensional reality.

Formatting - Creating a sequenced template that the subconscious mind can understand. 

Fourth, 4th Dimension - The spiritual reality. The etheric level of existence that the 3rd Dimension is built upon. When an individual physically dies, their Spirit goes back into the middle octaves of the 4th Dimension to live, until it is time to reincarnate back into the 3rd Dimension. 

Ghost - A common terminology for a 4th-dimensional Etheric being. A Hu-man Being without their 3rd-dimensional physical body or overcoat.

Golden Soul Matrix - The Golden 5th-dimensional Soul or Holy Spirit level of existence. 

Green Matrix - The physical world or the 3rd-dimensional layer of existence.

Holy Spirit – Also referred to as the Soul. It is the divine golden consciousness deep within ourselves. The Holy Spirit is our 5th-dimensional mind. It operates at a higher frequency and is purer and more powerful than the 4th-dimensional Ego mind outside of it. 

Home Reality – The reality that the Subconscious Ego mind recognises as Home. It will have your bed-womb (bedroom) or where you sleep, in it. This reality is our physical base in this incarnation. The Subconscious Ego has a whole folder of programmes specifically for this reality.

Hook – For cause and effect purposes, the Subconscious Ego will transgress by hooking things or people into its reality. A Red person will put out emotional hooks and a Blue person will put out mental or physical hooks. Either way, these hooks are ‘Over the Line’ and are a transgression against Universal Law.

Hu-man Being - 'Hu' is an ancient terminology or sound for God; 'Man' is a terminology for animal consciousness. We are Gods/Goddesses inside an animal vessel, making us Hu-man Beings - God Animal Beings.

In Reality – A reality that is inside a human-made structure and away from home. This includes both work and leisure indoor locations: Classroom, University, Office, Factory, Shopping Mall, Cafe, Gym, visiting a friend's house, and so on. The Subconscious Ego has a folder of programmes for this Inside Reality.

Incarnational Loop – The 4th-dimensional loop or cycle that all Hu-man Beings reside in so they can incarnate from one lifetime to another. At birth, the Spirit of a Hu-man Being incarnates into a 3rd-dimensional physical life. At death, their Spirit transitions back into the 4th Dimension. Each new incarnation follows this cycle, allowing us to learn other aspects of life in every 3rd-dimensional lifetime.

Karma – A subconscious pattern of behaviour that creates a karmic cause and effect equation. For example, a clown's funny antics provide the cause which results in getting laughs as an effect. A person using this behavioural pattern demonstrates 'Clown Karma'. 

Karmic Elements - The Subconscious Ego's perception of elemental influences when a cause and effect equation is played out and then recorded. This is programmed into our subconscious mind from our past lives, conception, gestation, birth and the first 7 years of this incarnation.  See also 'Elements'.

Link-Up – This is done at the beginning of an Eternal Clearing. The person doing the clearing intuitively asks a family member or friend, with the same subconscious pattern, if they would like to link-up to receive a surrogate clearing. Intuitive permission must be given. 

Lost Soul - see Earthbound Spirit.

Main Female - A terminology used to describe how the subconscious mind registers the main female in its life: mother, girlfriend, partner and wife.  

Main Male - A terminology used to describe how the subconscious mind registers the main male in its life: father, boyfriend, partner and husband.

Mainframe - The personal subconscious blueprint of an individual's karmic make-up. 

Mandorla - The intersection between two interlinking spheres of consciousness. The place where all energy interactions play out their relationship programming.

Manifest – To bring into physical 3rd-dimensional creation.

Matrix – A template or blueprint of being. This can be the template of one singular mind programme or the template Matrix of the entire Hu-man body. For every level of existence, there is a Matrix of Being.

Matter Transition – A solid or tangible vessel shifting from one place to another. The programmes for this reality come from our physical birth, where we first transitioned from one solid Water reality to another Air and Earth reality.

Mind Programme – A 4th-dimensional holographic representation of an experience. Subconscious mind programmes hold information and records from the past. All mind programmes are subconsciously set up to create a cause and effect karmic equation. Mind programmes make up the karmic cellular memory.

Mind-Ware - The subconscious mind software that is utilised to create a cause and effect programme.

Mortal Being – A Hu-man Being, living in a 3rd-dimensional world, who has a subconscious mind full of 4th-dimensional mind programmes.

Negative Entity – A being that sustains itself with negative energy. These beings can be of any size, in any dimension and octave. They can be within a person, within a room, house, neighbourhood, town, city, country, and so on. They can encourage more negative energy to be created in a reality, so that there is more for them to feast upon. These entities attach themselves to Hu-man Beings through a negative mind programme that creates discordant thoughts and action within the reality. To clear one of these beings, it is best to clear the mind programme so that the entity has no-thing to connect to. When world bridging or clearing one of these beings, NEVER take them to the Light. You must call in Angels to escort them home.

Nine O'clock - On the Ouroboros, 9 o'clock is the transition or completion from life to death. After every action, there is completion and finish, then there is time to rest, relax and sleep. This is the energy of the sunset at the completion of the day. It is a major threshold on the Ouroboros. 

Nought / Naught – NOT is an abbreviation of the word nought/naught which means zero or no-thing. The word NOT and any other word that refers to NOT: Can’t, won’t, couldn’t, isn’t, and so on, has no subconscious registration. The subconscious mind automatically deletes it from anywhere it sees or hears it.

Octave – Each dimension is made up of twelve different octaves. Some octaves can be stronger than others. Imagine a twelve-story building being the 'dimension' and each floor or level is an 'octave' of that dimension. Every octave or floor has its own world where beings exist and live. The elevators in the building are the portals, where the beings who live in that dimension can transverse through different octaves.

Opinion - A perception, idea or blueprint that is shared with a person with no mental or emotional hooks. They can either 'take it or leave it'. This is different to advice. Often advice has mental and emotional hooks like "I told you to do this", or "Why didn't you listen to me?" I prefer to offer people a mental or emotional opinion. Then it is up to the individual to make their own free choice, leaving them to decide what they want to do for themselves.

Orb - 40 days before physical conception the Subconscious Ego, Spirit and Soul of a person transcends down from the 4th Dimension into the 3rd Dimension in an orb form. 4th-dimensional beings such as nature spirits are often perceived in the 3rd Dimension reality as orbs.  

Over-lighting Deva – A spiritual being that reigns over and maintains the physical layer or body. It is often be referred to as the “Spirit of ... Something”. For example, the 'Spirit of the Tree' is actually the 'Over-lighting Deva of the Tree'.

Ouroboros - A circle symbolised by a snake biting its own tail, meaning any type of cycle including the 'Cycle of Life'. This is the 'Hologram of Existence'. 

Ouroboros Clock - The Ouroboros 'Cycle of Life' is divided into 12 separate segments, each containing 5 intervals. This is much like the face of an analogue clock.

Ouroboros Junction - A specific point on the Ouroboros where change happens. It is like a traffic light. A green light continues the existing flow; an orange light is a pause where you are waiting for further information and resources; and a red light either sends you directly to completion at 9 o'clock or back to the beginning to start again.

Ouroboros Loop - A deviation from the main Ouroboros, where a side trip is taken before returning to the path of the main Ouroboros.

Ouroboros Jump - When the Subconscious Ego jumps over aspects of the regular progression of the Ouroboros, to achieve a specific result. 

Out Reality – An outdoor reality, external to a building. In fact, the moment you walk out your door, you are in an Out Reality. This reality contains the external structure of nature: Weather, Tides, Water, Beach, River, Fields, Forest, Bush, outside sports venues and so on. The Subconscious Ego has a folder of programmes for this Outdoor Reality.

Pantry – The store-house where the subconscious mind keeps all its mind programmes, sometimes known as the personal Akashic records.

Pattern – The cause and effect rhythm or waveform of Hu-man experience that is projected from a programme.

Pendulum – The subconscious sways from one side of the Red and Blue mindsets to the other, just like a pendulum within the mind.

Perimeter – The subconscious mind works in zones or perimeters of consciousness, similar to the concentric rings of a target. Each perimeter has its own specific subconscious mind programmes.

Physical Body – The outer physical 3rd-dimensional level of existence. It is our most solid body.  

Programme – What the Subconscious Ego uses to create a cause and effect pattern of reality. 

Pyramid Consciousness - A hierarchical structure demonstrating different layers of consciousness. The base is always the largest layer and supports the upper levels of the pyramid.

Quad Blue – Four times the intensity of a balanced single Blue mindset. A quad reality of Blue pressure, such as overwork or stress, will make a person crash, collapse or burnout, making them horizontal on the ground or in bed. 

Quad Red – Four times the intensity of a balanced single Red mindset. A quad reality of Red emotional looseness, such as overindulgence or excessively living in the past, will make a person depressed, hyper-reactive or catatonic, making them horizontal on the ground or in bed. 

Quarters – The four quarters that make up a subconscious Wave Form: 

1st Quarter: The positive beginning of a mind programme Wave Form. The I AM Cause.

2nd Quarter: The downing negative effectual influence in a Wave Form. 

3rd Quarter: The three-part negative reaction responding to the 2nd quarter.

4th Quarter: The Subconscious Ego’s fear-based protective response to the negative 2nd and 3rd quarters, reversing the 1st quarter and shuffling the realities.

Ray - The primary energy of a person emanating from their Soul. Each ray has its own colour based on its intention and Soul purpose. Every person has a predominant ray that their Soul operates from. 

Reality – An environment or stage in any dimension where an event can be experienced.

Red - A person projecting a Red subconscious mind programme which creates an emotional state of existence, feeling and intangibility.

Red Matrix - The 4th-dimensional emotional level of existence.

Self-Chosen - From a deep place within yourself, making your own choice in your personal destiny and life.

Shotgun Karma – A confrontational face-to-face remark from a person projecting a strong Blue mindset, giving out explosive energy similar to that of a shotgun. Blue people often share their truth using a ‘shotgun’, which blasts holes in the person that the comment is aimed at.

Six O'clock - On the Ouroboros, 6 o'clock is the physical birth of any conceptual idea being brought into tangible manifestation: a newborn child, a project, physical transition moving from A to B, or shifting from an In reality to an Out reality, amongst others.

Slider – A negative remark that is sarcastic, sneaky and manipulative, usually going under the conscious radar, hitting the person around the knee area.

Soul – The outside layer of our 5th-dimensional Body of Light. This is a higher consciousness than the 4th-dimensional Spirit. In some belief systems, the Soul is known as the Holy Spirit. Because this aspect of us is closest to our Godhead, the Almighty 'I AM' Presence, it has considerably more light or illumination than the Spirit. This Holy Body starts in the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension, moving into the 5th Dimension and beyond.

Soul Purpose - The Soul reason, unique mission or destiny of why we are here in this incarnation. Another description of this is the Golden Path or Golden Way. The Soul Purpose is our bigger picture.

Spirit – The Etheric/Ghost body, the Red emotional body, the Blue mental body, and the White Astral body containing the Subconscious Ego, make up the Spirit of a person. These sets of bodies are limited to the lower octaves of the 4th Dimension.

Spherical Consciousness - The consciousness contained within a specific ball or bubble of energy, comprising all its component parts. Higher dimensional perception is more often spherical or orb based than the hu-man linear and physical form. Spherical consciousness is an internal construct - everything happens within the bubble, nothing happens outside of the bubble. 

Subconscious Sync – When people meet, their subconscious minds connect and synchronise in the 4th Dimension, checking each other out on a subconscious level.

Subotage – Blended from subconscious and sabotage. The subconscious mind is perceived to ruin the conscious mind’s plans or decisions. This happens when the necessary mind programming is unavailable. The Ego will deliberately block a manifestation because it is protecting us from a subconscious childhood fear. The Subconscious Ego is the source of Self Sabotage.

Super-Conscious - The Golden Soul or Holy Spirit reality. The 5th-dimensional divine conduit between the Spirit and the Almighty 'I AM' Presence, also known as the Golden Reality. One symbol for this reality is the Eternal Flame. The number or way to this reality is symbolised as number 13 and being of this reality is symbolised as number 8.

Terminal Programme – A subconscious mind programme that terminates physical life. It is also known as a Death Programme. See also Exit-Matrix.

Three O'clock - On the Ouroboros, 3 o'clock is the conception of an idea or a being: the fusion of the masculine and the feminine, the conception of a baby, our Creation Day, the drawing of a blueprint, the energy of sunrise in the east. It is a major threshold on the Ouroboros.

Tracking - Identifying the manifestation of a pattern from its earliest occurrences until current day. It helps to flesh out and ground the specific circumstances and experiences relating to a pattern. Tracking comes before the formatting stage when completing a clearing. 

Transcendent Reality – The shift from a spiritual reality into a solid form. The programmes for this reality come from pre-conception when our Spirit, in its Orb form, transcends down from a 4th-dimensional reality into a solid 3rd-dimensional reality. This is between 12 and 3 o'clock on the Ouroboros - Cycle of Life. 

Transgression – When the Subconscious Ego excessively acts in its own interests, overstepping the line of balance. A Red person will emotionally manipulate to get its way and a Blue person will use its mental or physical will to force the issue. In the Christian belief system, this is known as sin.

Transgressional Line – The line of consciousness within the mind that the Subconscious Ego crosses when it transgresses. Crossing the transgressional line is also known as being ‘over the line’ and is a destructive reality.

Transition Reality – This environment or reality is where we change, move, shift or physically birth something into the 3rd Dimension. The programmes for the Transition Reality come from our physical birth. Our birth is the first time in this incarnation that we consciously shift from point A to point B. The Subconscious Ego records our birth so that when we move, shift or give birth to anything, we have the mind-ware to do this. Birth is at 6 o'clock on the Ouroboros. 

Treble Blue – A person projecting a Blue mindset with treble intensity.  This is an over-exaggerated reality that is over the transgressional line and destructive. A person in this Blue state is too pressurised and focused on creating control and discipline, which makes things implode on themselves.

Treble Red – A person projecting a Red mindset with treble intensity.  This is an over-exaggerated reality that is over the transgressive line, which makes it destructive. A person in this Red state is too loose and scattered, creating a fragmented reality that will get away from them.

Vesica Piscis - a relationship clearing format involving the use of bubbles or spheres of consciousness intersecting with each other in a mandorla. The intersection is where the relationship between people, things or concepts takes place and is where the subconscious programming comes to the surface. 

Virtual Reality - Connected to the imagination and internal pictures of the mind. This reality has a direct connection to what stimulates the imagination: dreaming, daydreaming, fictional books, movies, computer games and all the arts when they come as original new thought from the internal mind of a person. The IN Virtual Reality focuses on the conceptualisation inside a person's mind; The OUT Virtual Reality focuses on the external 'make-believe' or digital reality experienced by the person. 

Wave Form Clearing - A four-quartered clearing format based on a wave-form template which describes information in a narrative-type story that is compatible to the subconscious mind. 

World Bridging – Shifting an Etheric Spirit from one reality or dimensional octave to another. It differs from the removal of an entity by clearing and blessing a property, as this is only a temporary displacement of the etheric. World-Bridging helps a stuck entity to fully complete their 3rd-dimensional incarnation by bridging them home to the 4th Dimension through the Light.

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