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Learning Library


Welcome to the Being Hu-man Learning Library where you can discover how to understand and make sense of your life, your relationships and the greater world we live in. 

We are multi-layered beings of light who have come to explore and experience life on Earth. We think our everyday life is the norm, but we are so much more than we realise.


Everyone of us has come into this incarnation with a unique mission and soul purpose to fulfill. No one else has the specific set of patterns and circumstances as we do. 

Find out more about your-self and the multiple dimensions that we experience during our many and varied lifetimes by working through the courses in the Learning Library.

See you in the courses!

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Using the Library



Series Bundles contain the complete set of all courses in a series so that you can continue to learn and enhance your awareness without hesitation. 

Bundles are offered at a special price to help you maximise your learning.

 If you are keen to accelerate your  understanding, this is the perfect option for you!  


Each series is made up of several learning courses, each focusing on a particular, specific component of the series theme. Each course builds on the one before it, tailored to enhance your overall understanding.

If you want to focus on one specific section at a time to develop your understanding and awareness in a more gradual way, this option may suit you.


Learning Library Courses

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