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Clearing Library


Welcome to the Being Hu-man Clearing Library where we co-create an interactive subconscious programme clearing with you, so that you can start to clear the blocks and limitations that hold you back in life. 

These interactive clearings are in 3 parts: firstly, we look at the theme of the clearing; secondly, we track the pattern and show you how to personalise this for your-self; and finally, we narrate a guided clearing that you can join in with.

See you in the clearing!

Using the Library


1. Select

Simply choose and purchase the themed clearing that is playing out in your life from the Clearing Library selection below.

2. View

View the interactive video to find out how the subconscious programme plays out behind the scenes. 

golden fireworks.jpg

3. Personalise

Make brief notes as you view so that you can tailor the clearing to suit your own unique situation. 

4. Clear

Follow along with the guided narration, adding your personalised notes when prompted to complete your clearing.

Clearing Library Themes

Get in Touch

Is there a clearing theme you would like us to add to the clearing library? Message us with your idea and we'll see what we can do!

Thanks for sharing!

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