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Red Goes Up, Blue Travels Down

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

A Hu-man being is wrapped in an electromagnetic field known as a Tube Torus. It looks like a large doughnut of energy with our physical body positioned in the centre. The energy of the Tube Torus flows vertically up and down through us, with the direction of the energy dependent on the subconscious mindset we are in at that moment.The more aware we are of the 4th-dimensional subconscious Red and Blue mindsets, the better we understand the 3rd-dimensional nature of Hu-man life.

Each mindset has their own flow. The direction of the mindset current influences how we think and behave at any given time. The Red and Blue mindsets are the complementary opposite of each other, as is the directional flow of their Tube Torus current.

The Red current travels up from Mother Earth through our physical body, starting from the feet and base chakra, spiraling through the torso, neck and head, and finally exiting the head through the crown chakra, as it flows up into the Cosmos above.

The Blue current travels in the opposite direction. It comes down from the Cosmos, through the top of the head via the crown chakra, spiraling down through the neck and into the torso, exiting through the base chakra and feet, where it enters Mother Earth.

Because the Red current has an upward motion through the body, a person with a Red mindset focuses on lifting energy, emotionally building people's confidence, and being upbeat and cheerful. The drive to uplift is so strong within a Red person, that it forms part of their perceived purpose in life. Reds subconsciously search for people who are emotionally low, so that they can lift their spirits and emotions. When a Red person enters a room, they lift the energy just by being there.

The Red subconscious mind ensures that they are visibly and vocally happy or silly. They often use self-deprecating humour or make fun of themselves to raise the energy around them. This is where clown karma comes in.

The negative side of this Red mindset is that they are continually trying to find people who need to be lifted, which eventually tires the Red person out. People unwittingly visit those with a Red mindset when they are feeling low and need an emotional lift in their life. After the visit, the previously subdued person will leave with their spirits raised. Initially, the Red person may be on a high, because they have fulfilled their karmic purpose of raising the energy in another being. Before long, the Red person will begin to feel tired as they have used so much of their emotional energy to boost the other person.

It is important to remember that while Red people are trying very hard to emotionally help others, the Blue people they are helping are subconsciously trying to avoid being physically helped. They actually seek out Reds for an upbeat emotional fix, rather than for a tangible solution to a problem.

The Blue mindset, being the opposite of the Red, is all about downwards energy. This is what incarnates or manifests things into the tangible solid world of the 3rd dimension, as it travels down from the Cosmos, being funnelled into the Earth through the Blue person. With their subconscious downward focus, Blue people karmically create intensity and pressure in every situation. It is perceived as part of their subconscious purpose in life.

A Blue person will intentionally 'Bring others back down to Earth', or 'Cut people down to size'. They are tangible realists and consider this undermining behaviour to be a positive trait. Having a Blue person in your reality can be very tiring and detrimental to the confidence of those around them, due to their focus on always bringing things down.

Even the sense of humour of the Blue mindset is energetically downward. It is dry and sarcastic. As the Blue mindset is rooted in knowledge and intelligence, a quick-witted Blue will tell clever jokes to have a laugh, often turning the joke into a downing poke at someone else's expense.

Being with a person in a Blue mindset can be like a non-stop mind game. Blues are competitive! They love to win and hate to lose. They will throw humour or dialogue at you, testing you out and expecting you to catch what they serve and bounce it back to them. The quicker the better. This sort of rapid banter or roasting sparks a happy and positive Blue demeanour.

This is all well and good when a person understands how to play the downward Blue humour game, but if a Blue person passes a downward comment to a Red in anticipation of a quick return serve, the Red person will likely take the downward comment to heart, feeling shattered, hurt or angry in the wake of what they feel is a negative exchange. The Blue, having failed to receive the rebound they were expecting from their witty, intelligent remark, will be confused and annoyed. The situation will usually implode with each person wondering why the hell did the other person behave the way they did!

Perception is everything.

When one mindset is operating in the opposite current to the other, confusion reigns! Awareness and understanding of the Red and Blue currents helps us grasp the reasons why so much communication gets lost in translation.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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