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Soft Red, Hard Blue

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The Red emotional feminine mindset and the Blue mental masculine mindset complement each other in a dualistic subconscious mind equation. Together, they work to form a perfect whole.

The subconscious Ego hates sitting on the fence in a balanced position between the two halves. It much prefers to jump from one side to the other. As the Ego swings from side to side, the energy and behaviours we project at any time will change according to where the Ego is positioned.

The Red and Blue states have a raft of corresponding traits which are opposite to each other, so that they can balance the other side out. Like the animals aboard Noah’s Ark, these subconscious mind traits pair up with their Red or Blue partner.

The Red mindset is typically softer, whereas the Blue mindset is harder. As opposites they work well when blended together evenly, but if one is more dominant than the other, the result is imbalance and discord.

Reds dislike anything hard or sharp, and prefer a softer, smoother, free-form way of life. They have a gentle and flexible personality, with an amenable manner. Their clothes are loose and flowing, devoid of any sharp lines and tailoring. Their appearance will be enhanced by a soft and free-flowing hairstyle.

To accomplish anything, Reds try the soft way first. They go with the flow, following the path of least resistance and are happy to be flexible, working around other people. They seldom have boundaries, preferring a more fluid, blurred approach. No-thing is clear-cut or defined. This applies to their dealings with other people or life in general. An easy-going Red parenting style will create chaos and confusion for children, as the inconsistency makes it difficult for the child to know when they have crossed the line.

The Blue masculine mindset perceives the soft, flexible approach of a Red person to be weak and pathetic. They prefer a more direct way of life. Blues have an intense, hard manner and a strong, decisive way of thinking. They will often be perceived as sharp and tactless. Blue people are more likely to wear formal, tailored clothing with clean lines and edges, and they particularly enjoy the identity and recognition that comes with wearing a uniform or a suit. Their hairstyles are part of their defined appearance and will be short, cropped, controlled or tightly tied up.

To accomplish anything, Blue mindset people will take the hard way first, tackling things head-on and ploughing through everything and anything in their way. They love a challenge, and enjoy overcoming resistance and going against the flow.

Blues love structure. They create solid forms which are defined by linear boundaries. Blue people have rules and regulations for everything - no blurred lines here! When dealing with others, they will shoot from the hip and feel justified in doing so, because they have let you know where you stand! Blues will happily 'shoot holes' through others and walk away, without caring about the effect of their words and actions on their shattered victims.

Blue parents can be quite hard in their approach to naturally soft Red children, wanting to impose strict routines and expectations. Because babies have spontaneous outbursts and naturally lack discipline, people with a Blue mindset are often uncomfortable around small children. They may bond later in life once the children are older and have a more structured mindset and behaviour.

The Blue mindset values knowledge and wants to think and make all decisions. This leaves no place for children, or anyone else, to learn to think and make decisions for themselves. When children of Blue parents grow up and mature, they often have no conditioning or mind programming to make their own life decisions, as their Blue parent has always done that for them.

We all need a measure of self-discipline and Blues are great at this; thriving under pressure and struggle. However, out of balance, Blues are notoriously critical and hard on themselves and others in their reality. This hard trait will often isolate the Blue person, leaving them alone and lonely.

Soft and Hard each have their own specific attributes and both are very necessary in the context of the whole, but out of balance these traits can create all sorts of discord and disharmony. When balanced Red and Blue, and Soft and Hard complement each other perfectly, weaving a life of pure magic.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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