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5th-Dimensional Manipulation

The 5th Dimension resides in a higher frequency than the spiritual 4th Dimension and the solid 3rd Dimension. Divine Love and Divine Will are the basis of this higher Soul reality. Those who want to evolve into this frequency will gravitate towards the energy of unconditional love, such as loving animals, nature and people. The trick is to actually love unconditionally, without any attachment.

All Hu-man Beings have 5th-dimensional Universal Light Energy inside them. This Light carries its own reality or world, within which there are so-called 'good guys' and 'bad guys'. Some Beings residing within this high frequency will try to capture our attention and admiration with a view to controlling us. These perceived 'bad' Beings are often known as Demi-gods and they feed off our Light.

To get our attention, these beings will say all the right things about Love and Light, Peace on Earth, trusting the Universe and all the rest of it. They will encourage us to say 'Yes' to their influence. Without our permission they are unable to connect. Stay aware. Listen to where they place their emphasis on Love and Power, particularly when they talk about the Good Light of God.

Whenever any Being teaches or speaks about the Light as being something outside of us, they are creating separateness between ourselves and our own Divinity. They do this by claiming that they are the Light and Love, and that if we want this type of Divine energy, we must embrace them.

When separateness is created, duality is formed. We become much easier to manipulate within this dualistic, mixed-up reality. There are many examples of 5th-dimensional manipulation taking place right in front of our eyes in the solid, mortal 3rd-dimensional world we live in:

Gurus often say all the right things, however - making themselves the grand masters of Light and perpetuating the idea that people must go through them, takes the Good Light of God focus away from the Universal Light within each individual.

Many cults do the same, reinforcing the belief in the exterior idol or person, rather than allowing the Good Light of God to illuminate the Internal Ideal within each individual.

Some religious belief systems take the power of the Good Light of God away from the individual person and place it in a building rather than reinforcing the ‘Light that Lighteth Every Man’ within each individual.

Sometimes, New Age extra-terrestrial channeled Beings call themselves Holy names and say wonderful things, but at the end of the day they also direct the attention back to themselves by saying, “If you want Love and Light, come unto me.”

This is the 5th-dimensional hook.

The 5th-dimensional 'Good Guys' who reinforce the Good Light of God within the Hu-man, never pamper the subconscious Ego. They will always turn the us back onto ourselves, to the Light within, empowering each individual to be accountable for their own lives, no matter the pain. These beings bestow wise words for those individuals who are seeking the real truth about themselves and the ever-expanding perfection within each Hu-man.

Observe the world you live in! Be aware of the individuals and collective groups that are creating separateness by taking the Good Light of God away from you as an individual and placing it in their own reality. As soon as the worship of an idol outside of yourself is encouraged, you will know something is wrong. True Beings of Light will always encourage living the Sovereign Ideal, which is inside every Hu-man Being on the planet.

The Light is always within the individual rather than without.

The Oneness is within - Separateness is without.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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