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Dream Decoding

Our physical Conscious Mind operates purely in the 3rd Dimension, represented by our outer physical layer, the part of us which is visible to others. This limits the Conscious Mind’s perception. Using its 5 Senses, it is only able to perceive and deal with what is on the surface of anything. As the analogy of an Iceberg shows us, the view from the surface is severely limited and accounts for only 12.5% of our perception. There is another 87.5% of our perception submerged below the surface aspect of ourselves. This perception is far stronger and more powerful, as it operates from 12 Senses in the 4th-dimensional Subconscious Mind.

The process of thinking is based in the 4th Dimension. When Hu-man Beings think, our mind creates a holographic form, meaning that we are able to visualise our thoughts. When we are asked to imagine a picture of our bed inside our bedroom, the 4th-dimensional part of our mind instantly goes into the storehouse of memories, retrieves the picture and immediately there is a holographic image of our bed.

The Subconscious Ego, with its Subconscious Mind programmes, is connected directly to our memories, which also reside in the 4th Dimension. Dreams are a perfect way of accessing our Subconscious 4th-dimensional Mind.

We all dream in the 4th Dimension. This means that when we dream, we receive a 4th-dimensional glimpse of the part of ourselves which creates our 3rd-dimensional physical reality. When we are aware of Subconscious Mind programmes, including the rhythms and signs of what constitutes a mind programme, we are able to decode dreams. This enables us to discover what Subconscious Mind programmes we are running, so they can be cleared.

The most important thing to be aware of in a dream is its rhythm. Mind programmes are based on a specific rhythm and are formatted in a particular way. In general, they start with high positive energy, where everything is fun, exciting, enjoyable or smooth sailing. Eventually, a negative outside influence enters the dream. This may be a person or an event, but the result is the same – the positive energy reverses and things start to go wrong.

This type of rhythm is predictable and is how our Subconscious Mind works. By identifying and decoding the cryptic factors, events and characters in the dream we are able to link them to our past experiences. When we do this, the waveform rhythm and pattern of the dream allows us to access the thoughts in our Subconscious Mind, which operates and processes in a way that is completely different from the everyday thoughts of our limited surface-layered Conscious Mind.

Once we have discovered the rhythm of the dream, we can overlay the format and rhythm of its events upon our present-day experiences. As we do this, a pattern emerges allowing us to see what is happening in our Subconscious Mind, so that we can clear it.

©2021 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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