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Reds Love a Journey, Blues Strive for a Goal

One of the most important roles of the Subconscious Ego is to make income. However, subconscious income is far from what we would think at first glance. Yes, it does include wages, salary and tangible advancement, but there is a lot more to the story.

According to the Ego, subconscious income is any kind of energy coming back to us as positive effect, positive attention or positive personal acknowledgement. When this happens, the incoming energy is perceived as LOVE on a subconscious level.

This incoming Love energy takes on two different forms. Red effect is intangible, feeling and emotional-based income. Blue effect is tangible, mental and physical-based income, especially something we can practically use. Money comes into this type of Blue effect. The subconscious mindset we are in will determine what income our Subconscious Ego manifests.

Reds Love a Journey

The Red mindset gets its intangible effect from the journey. When a Red person takes on a task, their Subconscious Mind goes through the process, focusing on how much emotion it can get out of the journey. It has no interest in completing the physical task. The Red Mind sees things in an emotional way. It ignores the specific mental facts and figures, future planning or the tools and resources needed to fulfil the physical task.

A Red mindset child gets much of their positive effect or personal acknowledgement from the journey, trying something rather than completing it. Another reason, for the development of a Red mindset in a child, is that when the child incarnated into the family, someone was already in a dominating Blue mindset, strongly completing and achieving physical tasks within the family. There was no room for the child to receive positive effect from completing anything, so they subconsciously chose to focus on the journey.

The Red mindset loves the journey so much that they never want anything to end. As soon as completion happens, the journey is over. The opportunity of receiving Karmic ‘Love’, in the form of positive effect, is terminated.

According to the Red mindset, the longer the journey, the better. Therefore, the Red Mind will do everything it can to make the journey longer. It will delay the finish. The Red Mind creates diversions, such as stopping to socialise, going to the bathroom, or eating and drinking. Anything to prolong the process. On a larger scale, it will create drama along the way, such as breaking things, getting ill, or needing other people to help. Whatever it takes to get the effect it is looking for - Subconscious Karmic Love.

Red mindsets are always smelling the roses. It makes no difference to the Subconscious Ego whether the roses are nice or rotten, so long as they stop the Red mindset person from completing the task, it will be happy.

When finishing something, there is usually a specific end time or deadline. This creates pressure and the Red mindset hates pressure. It likes to relax and take it easy, sitting back or sleeping. However, out of balance, the Red mindset will shut down all motivation, rendering them useless. To complete anything, we need to utilise our Blue mindset.

Blues Strive for a Goal

The Blue mindset is goal orientated. It loves to achieve and complete. Before the Blue mindset starts any task, it quickly checks the mental and physical process. If it thinks that there is tangible purpose in the task, and that it has the mental skills, tools and confidence to complete, it will accept the given task and get started.

The Blue mindset child gets much of their positive effect or personal acknowledgement from finishing and completing tasks. These may be tasks they have started for themselves or tasks they have completed for other people. It makes no difference. Receiving positive personal energy from completion provides the Subconscious Ego with Karmic ‘Love’. Therefore, the Blue mindset will look for as many things as possible to complete, so that they can continue to fill up their supply of Karmic ‘Love’.

Someone with this type of Blue programming will never be happy unless they are completing or achieving goals. They display their certificates and diplomas on the wall, demonstrating their achievements. As soon as they complete something, their Blue mind will have them looking for something else to start, so that they can eventually be finishing again.

Completion is important. However, the Subconscious Ego never knows when to stop. One of its main roles is to ensure that we continually receive positive acknowledgement, which it thinks is ‘Love’. According to the Blue Subconscious Mind, if we never complete anything, we will never be loved. This is why the Blue mindset has trouble sitting still.

A strong Blue mindset focused on achieving and completion, can lead to a work addiction. This happens when the Blue mindset becomes so unbalanced that to feel good about themselves, the Blue-minded person works harder, longer and more determinedly. Generally, it is important to finish what we start, however, there must be balance and time where we can sit back and relax, enjoying the fruits of our labours. In other words, we take time to smell the roses.

The Blue mindset loves a challenge, so they manifest a pressurised reality. When we are too long in a pressurised mindset, this imbalance manifests as mental burn out, blood pressure, strokes, headaches, popping of joints and the breaking of bones.

We need both the Red and Blue mindsets. In balance, they work perfectly together, co-creating an ideal emotional and mental based reality. Out of balance, they play havoc with our lives. At the end of the day, we all need to take time to smell the roses, in between times of focused and intentional action.

©2021 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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