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Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

What you are programmed to CAUSE or create for positive emotional EFFECT will eventually ‘kill’ you!

The Subconscious Ego has immense power to create in our lives. However, the number of positive emotional effect programmes we have in our subconscious storehouse, is exceedingly limited.

The Subconscious Ego deems which programme works best for us to create a positive emotional EFFECT. Once it has established which programme this is, it no longer searches for any other. It is satisfied that what it has selected will achieve the positive illusionary ‘Love’ effect that we are looking for. It uses that one programme over and over again.

In due course, if the programme no longer achieves the desired degree of positive effect, it makes us cross the Transgressional Line in its efforts to gain more and more of what it wants. The Subconscious Ego thinks that this positive effect is the life-line of Love.

As soon as we are a bit down and want to feel positive and loved, the Subconscious Ego automatically goes to the same illusionary ‘Love’ programme, making us repeat our pre-programmed (karmic) destiny, over and over again.

What you are programmed to do for positive

emotional effect will eventually kill you!

If we are programmed to receive karmic ‘Love’ in return for service, such as making our loved one a cup of tea, the Subconscious Ego will nought allow us to stop there. To achieve more and more of the karmic ‘Love’ that it is looking for, the Subconscious Ego will have us making a piece of toast to go with the tea. It will then have us fetching their slippers, rubbing their back, or folding the washing, all to serve our loved one and to receive illusionary karmic ‘Love’ as the positive effect.

Eventually, this ‘Love’ becomes a cage of its own. In order to receive more of the positive effect we are seeking, we have to do more and more as the response from our loved one diminishes. In the end, we feel like we have enslaved ourselves. This wears us down until we have no energy to do anything else. At this point, the relationship becomes doomed and we have had enough of being trapped in this kind of relationship. Eventually, the relationship, which was created by the Subconscious Ego in the first place, comes to an end and dies.

The Subconscious Ego is never satisfied, it always wants more!

If you are programmed to receive positive effect for taking on Blue responsibility,

the Ego will:

  • Load you up with endless responsibility

  • Sacrifice yourself for others

  • Surround you with irresponsible people, so that you can be the responsible one

  • Stop others from being responsible for themselves

  • Set up competition with others who have the responsibility programme

If you are programmed to receive positive effect for being emotionally Red and keeping people happy, the Ego will:

  • Put you into sad and angry situations to raise the energy

  • Surround you with needy people who want to be kept happy

  • Create a party with alcohol so you can be the clown or joker to make people laugh

The Subconscious Ego always manifests your opposite, so that you can gain the effect from the situation.

  • A Healer always manifests sick people in their Life, so that they can heal them

  • A motherly person needs children around her, so she constantly babysits, looks after other people's children or any needy pet

  • A policeman needs a villain and chaos, so they can restore justice, be the good guy and peacemaker

The Subconscious Ego uses the same programme over and over again in order to manifest the same kind of situation. The parts of our physical body that are impacted on by this programme, consciously or subconsciously, will wear down due to the repetition, allowing injury or illness to target that specific area. This can eventually lead to our demise as our blood pressure continually soars, as we carry the burden for others for too long ending in pressurised strokes, as we wear out our kidneys, worrying and fearful for our loved ones.

Overuse of any programme is harmful to us, especially when it pushes us past the boundary of self-care, into concern for others before ourselves. So, in the end, if we remain out of balance, whatever fed us our subconsciously motivated ‘Love’, can eventually kill us.

Therefore, live by the sword, die by the sword!

© 2021 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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