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The Triple Flame

The Eternal Flame is a symbol of our Soul and divinity. It represents the pure shining Light that emanates from within us, guiding us as we traverse our Golden Way in Soul Purpose.

As Hu-man Beings, we actually have three flames within us. These three aspects create a trinity, which is a set of three related aspects. As a flame is the divine or Holy focal point of Christ Energy, this makes our three flames a ‘Holy Trinity.’ Each flame has a specific purpose and a reality that it resides in. One is in our body; one is in our head and the other is hovering above our head.

The Body Flame is situated in our Heart. It is responsible for looking after our physical body and the emotional attachments within our body vessel. It is directly connected to our Heart Chakra. When we clear a Subconscious Mind programme, the Body Flame clears the emotional attachments and patterns from our physical body.

The Head Flame resides in our pineal gland. It takes care of our 4th-Dimensional mental templates, thoughts and ideas from this incarnation. It is connected to our Brow or Third Eye chakra. When we clear a Subconscious Mind programme, the Head Flame clears the mental attachments and patterns.

The Flame situated four fingers above our head is a Higher mental body, often known as our Higher Self. This Flame stores and takes care of our Past Life programmes and karma. This is where our Halo is situated. When we clear a Subconscious Mind programme, the Higher Flame clears the Past Life attachments and patterns from our being.

The Higher Flame is also known as our 8th or 13th chakra, depending on which chakra ratio you are working with, and hence sometimes it is also known as our 13th Universe. This flame is frequently seen represented in Buddhist statues and imagery.

When we totally integrate this higher Flame part of our being, we start evolving into our God Royalty. This why royal connections are signified with crowns. The crown symbolises a higher evolutionary level.

The Higher Self is nought the purest portal of information, as many people think, because our Past Lives all have subconscious karmic programmes. Our purest and most divine state of being is our diamond Godself, the Almighty 'I AM' Presence, which resides in the seat of our Soul.

©2021 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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