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Birth Programmes

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Birth Programmes

Birth programmes are created by the 4th dimensional spiritual Ego. Everything that happens before, during and after our birth is recorded and stored by the Ego for future use. Subconscious mind programmes created during our birth, where we move from inside our mother's womb to the outside world, are known as transition programmes. These programmes are reflected any time we move from one place to another.

Some examples could be:

Before Birth:

• Mum has an accident, is stressed, or is sick with no energy.

• Something happens to Dad. He is absent, at work, at the pub or with another person.

• There is panic before the birth, a weather storm hits, or there is a rush to get to hospital.

• I arrive too early or too late. Mum has to be induced.

• My family has no money, the main earner has lost their job, or we have to shift house.

• Someone dies before I am born - a family member or close friend.

These events form the mind-ware that signal the beginning of our individual Transition process. Our subconscious mind thinks it must create these events before a shift or change can happen.

During Birth:

The drama during the actual birth will be recorded too:

• There is a long or short labour.

• I came out and no one was ready.

• There was birth trauma for Mum or myself. Mum and I were drugged.

• Dad was unable to be there due to other commitments.

• The institute (hospital) made mistakes during the birth. The Doctor or midwife made errors.

• I had to be pulled out, sucked out, or cut out.

These events form the mind-ware that manifest at the point of change. The subconscious mind automatically begins to run these programmes in the middle of the Transition process.

After Birth:

I come out and:

• I am the wrong sex, I am in the wrong place, I am given away.

• I am separated from mum. I get given to mum to love me and feed me.

• Mum or Dad reject me. They think I am ugly.

• Everyone is happy, relieved, or over-joyed. I am a miracle.

• I am sick, disabled, premature or have to be hospitalised. I need a machine to keep me alive.

• Mum is in a bad way mentally, physically or emotionally.

• I get treated better in the institution (hospital) than inside mum.

These events form the reactionary mind-ware that manifest after change has occurred. Once a Transition has been completed, the subconscious mind will automatically run these programmes.

Transition programmes play out in our lives constantly. You will be running one in your life right now!

Whenever we want to progress or move forward in life, the subconscious Ego delves into its programme files to locate the Transition Reality mind folder. It retrieves the mind-ware created during our birth and runs the appropriate programmes to create the process of Transition.

Transition programmes are frequently used metaphorically. The simple desire to change your situation in any way, will trigger your birth programmes. Whenever you want to shift, move or change into another reality or mindset, you will play out your birth programmes to get there.

Transition can involve all sorts of situations, such as:

• Shifting house.

• First day at a new school.

• A change of job.

• Learning and experiencing something new, changing perception, or

• Travelling in a vehicle.

One of the key responsibilities of the subconscious Ego is to ensure that it can move us from A to B whenever necessary. To do this, it needs to have a well-documented collection of Transition programmes in its mind-ware files. So during our birth process, it does a fantastic job of recording everything possible!

Once you are aware of how birth programmes work, it is a great idea to find out as much as possible about your birth for future reference. Write down what you know of the process from beginning to end. If your parents are no longer contactable, ask other people who might know. If you or a loved one is giving birth, have someone to record the process; note down what happens, who is there, who is absent and why, and the emotional reactions from those present. If anything unusual happens, record as much as possible, because you can be certain the subconscious Ego is recording EVERYTHING!

Birth programmes can be cleared and changed, so you can have the perfect transition into any reality whenever you want it!

© 2019 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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