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Conception - Orb Consciousness

Everyone chooses their own incarnation!

Each new incarnation is worked out at a Soul level of consciousness. The Soul identifies the perfect upcoming life for us, so that we can learn from certain experiences - good/bad, positive/negative, happy/sad, successful/struggle, and so on. Our specific circumstances and our parents are all predetermined - who or what they are and what they do. Everything is perfect according to our Soul self.

The Soul perceives the bigger picture and it only ever sees perfection!

Once our 5th-dimensional Soul has chosen the karmic destiny for our new incarnation, our consciousness shifts down the inter-dimensional ladder, through the 4th-dimensional octaves to the lower 4th Dimension, where we are conceived by our parents and then birthed into the physical 3rd-dimensional reality.

We remember none of this! As we devolve through the inter-dimensional layers, the finer insights and decisions made at the 5th-dimensional Soul level are lost, as we densify into our physical bodies. This is just like having a regular 4th-dimensional dream as we sleep. When we wake up in the 3rd Dimension, we are usually unable to remember the dream.

Whenever we are in, or pass through, the lower octaves of the 4th Dimension, the spirit-based Subconscious Ego takes over as the primary consciousness within us, rather than our Soul. The Subconscious Ego will eventually contain all the karmic subconscious programmes that we need to help us navigate our newly incarnating lifetime.

As we transcend into the 3rd Dimension, our Spirit manifests as an Orb, which is where the 4th-dimensional Subconscious Ego and its initial subconscious programmes reside. Our Orb arrives in the physical 3rd-dimensional reality 40 days before our conception. This enables us to identify how we will fit into our new reality. We actually witness our own conception!

In reality, the Subconscious Ego is a very good being and is absolutely essential to our survival. It aims to be helpful by providing the information we need to navigate and operate in our new lifetime.

Whilst in our Orb, the Subconscious Ego checks out the emerging details of our new mission. We discover what type of parents we have, what situation we are incarnating into, what our wider family is like, where we live, what ethnicity we are and so on. Everything that we need to know about this very important mission that we are embarking on is considered and evaluated. This is where our life template begins to be developed.

The Ego has no emotions or feelings in this lifetime yet, it is too early. Instead, it draws upon the experiences of its Past Lives for the information it needs to react and respond. This is how Past Lives begin their influencing effect in this new incarnation. Throughout this lifetime, every physical manifestation will be connected to a past emotional experience and our reaction to that experience will be just the same as our past experience!

During the Orb state, we metaphorically ‘zoom’ around checking out our parents’ work realities, interests and beliefs, their family ties, our brothers and sisters, as well as all the grandparents on both sides, uncles, aunties, extended family and friends. The job is enormous! Whilst the Ego is doing this, it is matching Past Life programmes to the new lifetime, seeing who and what fits where, so that we can fit into our new reality well prepared and with relative ease.

Everything is a duplication, so the Subconscious Ego will be busy matching as much as it can to prepare us for our next step in the cycle of our Soul life on Earth - conception, gestation and then birth!

The Physical Reflection of this Reality on our Body

Everything in the head is 4th-dimensional. When we have a thought or an idea, we see it in a holographic form within our imagination. For the thought or idea to manifest, we have to bring it down into our 3rd-dimensional body to start creating it. The transcendent Orb reality serves as the inter-dimensional bridge between the 4th Dimension and the 3rd Dimension, which in our physical body is represented by our throat and neck.

As an Orb, our reaction to our conception and our new incarnation will eventually present itself in our throat and neck. If we had no wish to be conceived or to incarnate into the world at this time, we will have blocks in our throat and neck such as a sore throat, coughing, a stiff neck, tonsillitis, adenoids, or thyroid problems.

If we were, in any way, reluctant to incarnate, our subconscious Ego will attempt to protect us. It will try to avoid the same situations happening again, so it will put blocks in place to stop our 4th-dimensional thoughts or ideas from travelling down past our throat and neck to manifest into the 3rd Dimension.

We may be able to think and manifest for someone else; a partner, children, extended family, friends, work, corporation, sporting group or organisation, but never for ourselves.

Think about your conception. Find out what type of reality you incarnated into. Try putting an orb-like object, like a small ball, in front of you and have a talk to yourself as an orb to see what type of information you are able to gather. Maybe some of the jigsaw pieces of your Life and your purpose on this planet will start to fall into place!

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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