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How Do I Know I Have Subconscious Mind Programmes?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Everybody has mind programmes. It is part of life and Being Hu-man. There are many ways to find out what programmes you have. Repeating patterns in your life are the surest indicator that you are running a programme. These subconscious patterns can turn up anywhere in your life - from being abandoned, abused or burning yourself, through to repeating cycles in your relationships or issues around health and wealth. People usually identify a personal example quickly when I bring up the subject of repeating patterns. There have been situations in their lives where they have said to themselves "Oh no, this again!" or "Why does this always happen to me?"

The mind is programmed to create positive or negative experiences to receive an effect. Negative effects provide more impact and are easier to recognise and remember. The subconscious tendency to manifest this way of life creates a roller-coaster ride, with plenty of ups and downs.

Another way of identifying that you have programming is when you have a negative reaction, experience 'Murphy’s Law' or have a 'Downer' in the middle of a positive experience or immediately after one.

Whatever happens in your life, whether you consciously wanted it or otherwise, shows up for you because you have a programme to make it happen. Cause and effect programmes create experiences - that is their job. The only way a person can move through this is by clearing these programmes.

You can also find out if your parents have manifested the same types of experiences in their lives. We download our parents' karmic cause and effect programmes at conception, so whatever Mum or Dad has, you'll also have one way or another.

Investigate whether any of your biological siblings or close relatives have similar programming to you. Any siblings who share a parent with you will also have downloaded the same programmes as you.

Even your grandparents will have similar programming. Sometimes programmes will show up more clearly in our grandparents than in our parents. Patterns can appear to jump or skip generations and come straight to us from our grandparents. Whilst you are looking into your grandparents, check out your uncles and aunts - you'll see similarities with their programming too. Your whole world is actually a reflection of your subconscious patterns and programmes. That is what creates your 'Small World'.

How do I know if I have mind blocks?

Everybody has mind blocks. It is an aspect of how the subconscious Ego works.

Anything that disrupts the flow of a life event comes from a subconscious protection programme. All protection programmes are based on similar previous experiences that were hurtful. This means that all subconscious protection programmes are fear-based. If a person consciously wants to progress in a certain direction, but they have a previous fear-based mind programme, the subconscious mind will attempt to protect them from being hurt again, so it blocks the flow.

It is important to understand that the subconscious Ego is programmed before and during early childhood. All fear-based programmes in the subconscious mind are based on the emotional reality of a small child, no more than seven years old. Any fears installed in your subconscious as a child will remain with you for life, unless they are cleared!

The perceptions from a child-based subconscious mindset create some interesting situations in an adult's life. This is because a child perceives their world very differently from an adult. For example, an adult's experience of climbing a ladder is very different from a child's experience. If the adult had fallen from a ladder as a child, this would trigger a subconscious fear-based programme in the adult anytime they contemplated climbing something. This could be as simple as climbing a physical ladder or the fear could be extended to anything that is going to elevate themselves. This kind of subconscious fear is what creates blocks in people's lives. The ladder could be a metaphor for all kinds of things.

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