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How Do We Get Our Mind Programmes?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

How Do We Get Our Mind Programmes?

All Hu-man Beings receive their subconscious mind programmes from a variety of sources.

Past Lives: Past life mind programmes are stored within the 4th-dimensional Spirit as it goes from lifetime to lifetime. As a person experiences their life, the subconscious Ego records and stores everything. When a person passes over, these records remain within the spirit. They are transferred into the body, along with the Spirit, in preparation for their next incarnation. The subconscious Ego uses the past life programmes just as much as the present day programmes. There is no time according to the subconscious Ego, it is all the same thing.

Pre-Conception: The spirit of the newly incarnated baby arrives 40 days before the sexual conception of itself. It travels around in an orb form watching, recording and storing memories, getting ready for its upcoming lifetime. The parents have no conscious awareness of this. The Spirit is checking if the new incarnation fits its last past life. It has to be compatible so that the spiritual transference from lifetime to lifetime can be achieved.

Conception: As this is the start of the Spirit's new physical lifetime, the pattern or experience of the sexual act will predetermine how the new person will start anything in their life. If the parents argue before the sexual act, then the incoming person will need to have a dispute before it can start anything. If the parents have a party and the baby is conceived after mum and dad have a few drinks, then before the incoming person can start anything, they too will need to have a party or a few drinks. If the child was conceived after an illness, then the incoming person will have to get ill before it can start anything.

Point of Creation: All subconscious programming for any individual, is held in a 4th-dimensional holographic form within every physical cell of that particular person. The male's sperm carries all the past subconscious programmes and data of the father, including his whole lineage and all past life records. Similarly, the female's egg carries all the past subconscious programmes and data of the mother, including her lineage and all past life records.

The sacred union of the male sperm and female egg creates the first cell, which is half masculine and half feminine. From that point on, the new gestating Hu-man Being carries both its mother's and father's subconscious programmes.

Gestation: On average, a Hu-man Being gestates for 40 weeks. According to my findings, the number 40 represents the holy journey and change. In this instance, it is the spirit of the incarnating baby who undertakes their sacred journey as they enter the 3rd-dimensional world. As the physical body of the baby is growing and developing, the baby's subconscious mind is also developing.

The baby's subconscious mind takes in everything and stores it in its memory banks. During gestation, it processes every experience and influence that impacts on the baby. It records information about the parents, siblings, extended family, friends, acquaintances, physical environments, transportation and so on. The subconscious Ego busily collects data so that it has plenty to work with when the child is born. This down-loading of programmes makes sure the child is ready for their life.

For a person who wishes to clear their karmic patterns, any knowledge of what happened during their gestation is extremely helpful information. I often suggest that mothers keep a diary during their pregnancy. After the birth of the baby when discordant events manifest in the child's life, the mother is able to refer to the diary to check where the programme may have come from. Every little piece of information helps when identifying what the programmes are.

Birth: To the child their birth is perceived as death. It has no idea that the difficult process it is experiencing is intended to bring it new life. It has been developing inside its mother's womb for the last 40 weeks and now that the time has come, it discovers that it is about to forced out of a small exit hole that opens up out of nowhere.

The birthing experience is recorded by the ever-vigilant subconscious Ego. It perceives the birth as a very important time and critical experience. It even creates a special mind folder specifically dedicated to the birth and everything that happens during this process. This is the first time in this new incarnation that the baby physically transitions from one reality to another. From this experience, the subconscious Ego stores programmes for a physical change, move or shift. From this moment onwards, whenever the new person wants to make a transition, it has the programmes to do so. These programmes last for life!

Different birth processes create different experiences. For example; a long, slow, laborious birth will mean that changing or shifting will be a long, slow, laborious task; a birth full of family drama will duplicate into dramatic change; an absent father at birth will mean that the main male will be absent whenever change or shift is initiated; a caesarean birth happens quickly, so the person will expect instant change; a caesarean birth can also result in avoiding pressure and taking short cuts, as well as always needing to have a professional person to help you through change.

There are many different scenarios that manifest at birth. The truth is always in the duplication of the physical experience. Observe someone you know well, perhaps a child or sibling. Consider their birthing process and match that with how they move and change in life. That will show you the patterning.

The First Seven Years: By the time is it born, the child already has all of its subconscious programming and patterning for life. Over the next seven years, the child works out the system of life and how it is meant to play the game according to its subconscious patterning. Through its life experiences, the child will find out how cause and effect dynamics work in all the realities it encounters. This includes; which causes get the right effect; where to play certain programmes; and where to avoid playing other programmes.

The first seven years are where the child acts out its programmes in the open. It is possible to physically observe the child's programmes in action, which can indicate how the rest of the child’s life will be played out. These years are the physical platform that the child’s mind uses to launch itself into life. After seven years, everything and everyone is a duplication. This also applies to how the child emotionally, mentally and physically deals with their experiences.

When a person begins tracking their patterns for clearing purposes, these early years of life are a good starting point. As a person gains experience with clearing their past programming, they will see subconscious life patterns tracking all the way back to their birth and beyond.

The further back the better.

© 2019 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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