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How Our Different Destinies Work.

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

How Our Different Destinies Work

It is commonly believed that we have one mind. In fact, we have several. Our mind complex is made up of different layers each containing a specific mind type. They are much like a multi-leveled building. Each mind layer has a particular purpose and its own destiny. Knowing how they are stacked and how they work helps us to navigate, clear, and change our destinies.

Conscious Mind - Physical Destiny:

Most Hu-mans perceive the physical conscious mind as our controlling aspect, where our conscious choices determine our destinies. On a physical level this is true. Hu-mans must make conscious decisions before we can do anything in the physical world. This dense level of consciousness operates on the same frequency as the physical body and the outer layer of Mother Earth. This will determine the Physical Destiny of a person.

Subconscious Mind - Karmic Destiny:

On a deeper level is the subconscious spiritual mind. This submerged Hu-man mind is made up of four major bodies: the purple (etheric), red (emotional), blue (mental) and white (astral/Ego) body. This is where past karmic cause and effect programmes are held. These come from past lives, pre-conception, conception, gestation, birth and early childhood experiences. Combined, these 4th-dimensional spiritual minds are enormously strong. The subconscious creates its own destiny, which is completely at the mercy of the karmic mind programmes held within this level of a person.

The subconscious mind contains two important components that create two completely different karmic destinies; the Red emotional side and the Blue mental side.

If a person stays on the Red side of their subconscious mind, they will lead a Red emotional life putting them on a Red karmic destiny. If a person stays on the Blue side, they will play out a materialistic mental-based Blue karmic destiny.

Together, these subconscious bodies manifest what is known as a Karmic Matrix. Imagine this matrix to be a set of railway lines or tracks. Until properly cleared or changed by a higher consciousness, these tracks regulate each person's direction and subconscious destiny.

Super-Conscious Mind - Soul Destiny:

Deeper than the subconscious matrix is a golden mind layer. This is the consciousness level of the Soul, otherwise known as the Super-Consciousness, Holy Spirit, Mansion of Christ, or the Golden Way amongst others. Every culture has its own terminology for this level of consciousness. This is where the bigger picture or Soul Destiny of a person is projected from.

When we start understanding how things work, our Soul Destiny and Soul Purpose begin to make themselves known, guiding us towards ascension into higher realms of consciousness (enlightenment). The journey of ascension is an enormous undertaking for a Hu-man Being, taking thousands of immortal and physical years, and lifetimes of evolution.

Many mortal experiences must be played out before we are ready to mature on all levels into our Soul Purpose and take this leap in consciousness. This is why we have past lives. It is impossible for a mere mortal to obtain this level of consciousness in a single lifetime. A loop system is set up in the 4th dimension so Hu-man Beings can have many different lifetimes. Once these lifetimes are completed we have to work out, or be shown, how to consciously clear the karmic destinies of our subconscious mind programmes.

The knowledge and wisdom gained from doing this gives us the capacity to integrate our Soul Destiny and Soul Purpose, which will manifest in our physical lives, creating Heaven on Earth.

We have to learn how to use the three layers of the mind to reach our Golden Path. Being stuck in one subconscious destiny is fruitless. Ignoring our subconscious mind programmes only creates a state of Blissful Ignorance and limits us to a Karmic Destiny.

No-thing will change and you will be recycled back into the 4th dimension for another go at a 3rd dimensional lifetime. The conscious mind can ignite the balancing of the subconscious content and Karmic Destiny if you are willing to go there . . . . your choice!!

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