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How Past Life Files Work

When we are awake in our 3rd-dimensional physical reality, our conscious mind operates using memories and files that are recorded and stored in a large font size – for our purposes let’s say - size 18. All of our present incarnational information is kept in this large print. It makes the information easily accessible and simple to read.

When we physically die and our eternal, everlasting Spirit passes through into the 4th Dimension, our memories and files are compacted and stored within our Spirit in a smaller font - let's say - size 8. This is a bit like a Past Life zip file, the information is stored away until such time as it is needed again.

When the time comes to re-incarnate into a new mortal body, our everlasting Spirt and Soul, including everything contained within them, forms the basis of our new physical incarnation in the 3rd Dimension. These smaller Past Life files come too, but at this stage they are too small for most of us to consciously read.

While they are still newly incarnated, babies and young children are able to read the files in their Subconscious Ego mind, but by the age of 3 years old these files start to become less accessible and are, in most cases, completely forgotten by the age of seven years old. The larger font of the conscious mind has overshadowed those smaller size 8 spiritual files and memories.

As the smaller print of the Spirit’s mind files is too minute for the conscious mind to read, these files are perceived as invisible and therefore to the conscious mind, they have no existence. Many adults have no realisation, belief or understanding that Past Lives exist, let alone all the important incarnational information that comes with them.

The Subconscious Ego mind permanently resides in the 4th Dimension, which is where all conscious thinking develops. Because of its depth and capacity, the Subconscious mind is comfortable using the smaller font. It provides no recognition challenges as this is its familiarity. This allows the Subconscious Ego mind to use Past Life files, in the form of previous incarnational experiences and memories, as a basis from which to create our present-day reality.

Our Subconscious Ego mind is constantly active. It never rests. Every single moment of our life is created from previously processed information. The source of this information is frequently gathered from the Past Life files in which we have stored experiences from the wide range of lifetimes we have ever lived. This is a vast and massively encompassing reality. It is what helps us to survive in this incarnation.

One way you can find out about some of your Past Life files is to have a look around your environment and see what cultures and themes you have surrounded yourself with. Pictures, fabrics, ornaments, carpet, garden design, house design – in their own way, they will have Past Life small print written all over them!

Of course, physical surroundings are just the tip of the iceberg - there is so much more to discover about the impact of Past Life files on our present incarnation!

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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