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Perimeters of Consciousness

The mind is made up of many perimeters of consciousness organised into circles within circles. The further out you go, the more limited the consciousness. The deeper you travel within yourself, the more expansive the consciousness becomes. We are multi-leveled beings, living in a multi-leveled reality, and functioning on a multi-leveled operating system.

The outside mind perimeter is our physical overcoat and conscious mind. This external layer is slow, heavy and solid. It is the dense surface layer of everything. The conscious mind uses our five physical senses to detect and gather information to help us function in a 3rd-dimensional world. It operates on the base red frequency and has the lowest vibration of all our mind layers. Living in a physical reality conditions us to continuously look on the outside of ourselves. This is an external trap which prevents us from perceiving that there is anything on the inside. This in turn, makes us consciously unaware and ignorant of the functioning of our internal minds.

In the layer below the external conscious mind, is the higher frequency of the subconscious 4th-dimensional mind. This is a spiritual reality which has a blue tinge. Within this layer is the operating system that the subconscious Ego resides in. This subconscious system provides us with the foundation we need, to exist in the solid 3rddimensional Earth reality. It gives us access to our seven non-physical subtle senses which enable us to think and feel conceptually. The 4th Dimension is much more powerful than the solid 3rd Dimension. This is why the subconscious Ego is able to function as the puppet master of our lives.

While the subconscious Ego mind is more expansive and powerful than the physical mind, it is still very limited in comparison to the Golden Matrix of our Soul or Holy Spirit. This mind layer is known as the Super-Consciousness. It begins in the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension, moving into the 5th Dimension and beyond. As this reality is closer to the central core of our mind, it is illuminated from within us. Illumination is what makes this layer Holy. The Golden Matrix of our Soul has the life content that many people are searching for; Peace, Harmony, Prosperity and ever-expanding Perfection.

In the Centre of our being is the heart of our Soul, known as the Almighty ‘I AM’ Presence.

This is our most extensive, most powerful, expanded and loving reality. It is the Central Nucleus of our mind. It is our omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient source of Creation. It is our Life and Light, and our God-link to the 'Almighty Source of all that there is and ever will be'. It is the 'I AM that I AM'.

While living in our physical mortal Hu-man vessel, we must be aware of consciously reconnecting ourselves to all perimeters of consciousness within our minds, so that we are whole in every moment. All we have to do is acknowledge our inner minds, start working with them and they will naturally begin to come to the surface.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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