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Red Yes, Blue No!

The Red Mind creates the Acceptance of ‘Yes’ and the Blue Mind, the Power of ‘No’. Each perspective benefits from their mindset in one way or another, but being out of balance in either mindset creates its own set of challenges.

The Blue and Red mindsets of the Subconscious Ego and its associated mind programmes, provide the most simplistic perception of Life and how to live it. This perception comes right down to acceptance of the flow of Life. The Red mind accepts the flow of Life through ‘Yes’, but the Blue mind rejects the flow of Life through the word ‘No’.

To achieve Life balance, it is imperative that we are able to agree and disagree with certain manifestations in Life according to our own perception. This is the most important aspect of Free Choice. However, beneath the Yes and No Life decisions, the Subconscious Mind has a strong influence on whether we are agreeable and saying ‘Yes’, or we are disagreeable and saying ‘No’.

The Red mindset is emotionally based. Its primary purpose is to manifest acceptance, belonging and connectedness for the individual, which the Subconscious Ego interprets as Love. For subconscious Love to manifest, the Red mindset, through the Subconscious Ego, will favour agreement with others. This encourages the Red mindset individual to say ‘Yes’ to as much as they can.

The word ‘Yes’ has strong ties to living in the flow of Life, which allows the current of Love and Life to continue. Out of balance, the word ‘Yes’ will offer no resistance to discordant or negative manifestations our lives, Accordingly, we allow all kinds of people and situations to run over us and hurt us. The Red mindset is always after Acceptance. It hates to emotionally offend anyone, as rejection and abandonment are abhorrent to it. According to the Subconscious Ego, if these perceived negative attributes ever manifest, the flow of positive attention and Love flowing towards the individual will be stopped. This is one of the Subconscious Ego’s greatest fears.

A Red mindset person will avoid saying ‘No’ at all costs. In fact, a Red mindset person would rather ‘subo-tage’, self-sacrifice and martyr themselves, long before they would ever create a situation where someone else felt rejected or unaccepted. A Red person would say ‘Yes’ to almost anything, just to remain accepted and loved by other people.

The complement and karmic balance of ‘Yes’ is the opposite aspect, ‘No’. This is the subconscious Blue mindset’s favourite word. Where the Red mindset is all about Acceptance, Belonging and Love, the Blue mindset is all about Freedom, Will and Power.

The Blue mindset prefers to have the Power to resist and stop the flow of manifestation, usually for its own perception of wellbeing and safety. One of the Subconscious Ego’s main jobs is to protect us from anything that may hurt us. It does this by putting a Fear-based protection programme inside our mind to keep us safe. This creates separation between us and whatever hurt us as a child or earlier.

By using the power of ‘No’, the Blue mindset slows down or stops manifestation long enough for it to mentally assess the situation and regain a perception of control in a way that it can manage. Being able to say ‘No’ is a very important part of Life as a Hu-man Being. It gives us the power to decide and regulate what is manifesting in our life. This allows every individual the Right of Conscious Free Choice.

Out of balance, the Blue mindset and its protective controlling ‘NO’ can be a hinderance to our Life and progress. A Blue mindset person is programmed to initially disagree, stop, halt, baulk and block the flow. These karmic blocking behaviours can make having a progressive relationship with a Blue mindset person, very difficult. As soon as some kind of progress begins, be it mental, physical or emotional, the Blue person's mind will slow the process down, to ensure that it is safe, comfortable and in control of what is happening around and to them.

Being out of balance in our Red ‘Yes’ mindset or Blue ‘NO’ mindset can make impact considerably on our ability to walk our Golden Soul Path. When the Soul, also known as the Holy Spirit, manifests in our reality, things start clicking and flowing. If we ever want to follow our Soul or Golden Pathway in Life, it is imperative that we go guidance we are shown through the flow of clicks.

All we have to do when this Golden Flow starts happening in our Lives is to notice, accept and follow the guidance we are shown. The Red mindset must learn to say ‘No’ to things that are out of alignment for their Soul Path, and the Blue mindset must learn to say ‘Yes’ and thank you to the aligning guidance. Working against the flow of our Golden Soul Guidance impedes our progress along our own Divine Pathway and keeps us stuck in our karmic Cause and Effect mind programming, never achieving the elevated Life that is our true potential.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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