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Seven Truths about Mind Programmes

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Seven Truths About Mind Programmes

We are born with them:

We bring mind programmes in from past-life incarnations. We are the sum total of every lifetime we have ever experienced. In this lifetime, we inherit our parent’s personal mind programme blue-prints when we are conceived. Our subconscious Ego starts creating mind programmes prior to conception and continues through to early childhood. Everything after 7 years of age is a duplication.

They control everything that happens to us:

Our subconscious Ego uses our mind programmes to create our entire life. It always aims to protect us, so it creates cause and effect patterns which impact on the various realities we operate in. It is one of the Ego's jobs to create our life for us. It can only use what is already in our subconscious mind programme files. Whatever we have in there, it will duplicate.

They decide what we do and when it happens:

We are programmed to respond to actions and experiences in our life. Similar events will trigger previous patterns, determining when everything happens. How we are programmed will define our mental, emotional and physical reaction. It is all part of the subconscious karmic Cause and Effect equation and we dance to it.

They motivate us through Fear:

The subconscious Ego formats mind programmes to protect us from harm and hurt. One of its jobs is to separate us from anything that it considers to be dangerous or scary. This creates fear-based patterning and mind blocks, which will exist throughout our entire life until they are confronted and cleared.

They create illness and injury:

All illness and injury are emotionally based. The information that creates discord in the body is in our mind programme files. The programme creates the mental, emotional and physical symptoms. They are like the spider that creates the web. Clear the spider, no more cobwebs.

They get passed on from generation to generation: Like an iceberg, we are only physically aware of 12.5% of the picture. The 3rd-dimensional male sperm and female egg are only 12.5% of the equation. They each carry the other 87.5% of themselves in their 4th-dimensional subconscious patterning. This is where the mind programme files are stored and how we get our mother's and father's traits.

They never die. Unless cleared correctly, we carry them on to the next life time: When we die our physical body is returned to Mother Earth. Our Spirit and Soul are still fully intact and functioning. Within our Spirit we hold all the subconscious mind programmes from every other life we have ever had. Unless they are cleared by a consciousness higher than the 4th dimension, they will be carried over from lifetime to lifetime.

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