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Slice of Life

As we evolve and increase in consciousness and awareness, our perception gradually changes. Over time, this enables our Soul consciousness to come to the surface more frequently. This means we can begin to live and think from the wisdom of our 5th-dimensional Soul, also known as the Holy Spirit.

Our expanded Soul reality works from an unconditional template, which is much less limited than the black and white dualistic reality of the 4th-dimensional subconscious mind and its physical 3rd-dimensional reflection in the conscious mind.

Each of us has a personal golden pyramid of consciousness. Our own Godhead, our Spark of Existence, the Almighty 'I AM' Presence, sits at the apex of our pyramid. In the golden layer below, we find our superconscious Soul, which sees our existence from a bigger picture perspective. It witnesses the entire 'Wholeness' which is orchestrating our lives and lifetimes, according to what we need to experience and learn. In the next layer down, our 4th-dimensional Spirit reality resides. This encompasses the subconscious Ego and its mind programmes, which in turn, create the 3rd-dimensional physical reality that we live in.

Our journey of consciousness started in Alcyone, the Central Sun; the birthplace of our divine Eternal Flame. As conscious souls of light, we travel through the multi-verse, slowly devolving through the dimensions, densifying until we arrive on Earth in our present 3rd-dimensional physical form.

Hidden under the layers of our inter-dimensional densification, the Soul remains, complete and strong as ever. It guides us through all of our lifetimes, helping us to return to our original consciousness of light, whilst living in Hu-man form as Gods and Goddesses bringing Divine Love, Will and the wisdom of Soul consciousness to the surface.

To reach this gradual awakening and return to Soul consciousness, we have to journey through many lifetimes, both in and out of the multi-verse, in the Stars and here on Earth. Each lifetime is but a segment of Life in this progression of learning and no-thing is ever lost in the Soul reality. The Soul is our permanent reality where everything remains.

It is only when we descend into the lower levels of the 4th Dimension and into the dense 3rd Dimension, that loss becomes an issue. We become consciously and subconsciously terrified of losing one thing or another. In the 3rd Dimension, we try to hold on to things so that we do nought lose them - relationships, material possessions, experiences, people and Life itself.

We try desperately to keep what we have, believing that this is all there is. In the physical 3rd Dimension, everything is designed to finish, allowing us to have experiences as separate slices of Life. If no-thing ended, no-thing would start and this would destroy the template of Life.

The Soul sees the bigger picture. Our entire existence contains all of our separate slices of Life, making up the Whole, just as segments of an orange make up the complete fruit. Everything begins and finishes, creating a segmented reality. We have many slices of Life within each lifetime. Our entire existence is made up of a continual procession of them -relationships, travels, achievements, illnesses and so on. These slices of Life are like mini-lifetimes, all within our current lifetime.

Some slices of Life are positive and happy, some negative and discordant. This is all part of the learning we need to experience in this lifetime. Both the positive and negative dualistic experiences of Life are equally important to our growth and evolution.

If we are able to perceive Life from the perspective of the Soul, observing each and every experience as a 'Slice of Life' within the bigger picture of the 'Whole', this assists us in living and understanding our individual Life, therefore beginning to make sense of what is happening around us. By realising that our overall entire existence is made up of many different, but equally important, lifetimes, we begin to see Life from a higher Soul perspective, encouraging our own Soul consciousness to come to the surface.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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