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Something About 13

Updated: May 25, 2020

Have you ever wondered what it is about the number 13?

Why has it been passed down through the ages that 13 is an unlucky number and something to fear and stay away from?

13 is far from what we've been led to believe!

To access higher levels of consciousness, we must understand the layering of our mind. The physical conscious mind governs the 3rd dimension; the spiritual subconscious mind controls the 4th dimension; and the divine awareness of the super-conscious mind presides over the realm of the 5th dimension.

The 3rd and 4th dimension are closely inter-related. The 3rd dimension is built upon the 4th-dimensional foundation. Both the 3rd and 4th dimension operate on the number 12. In addition, the 4th dimension is represented by the 12-pointed star, which is the externalised form of a 5th-dimensional dodecahedron, otherwise known as the Christed Cube.

To move beyond the influence of the 4th dimension, we must go inside the centre of the 12-pointed star, so that we can utilise the energy of the number 13 as a portal to the 5th dimension. The relationship between 12 and 13 can be clearly seen when we consider how the face of a clock is configured.

There are 12 numbers on a clock face. 13 is represented by the central hands that move and tell the time, while the 12 numbers around them remain stationary. It is the hands that change and hold the power rather than the 12 exterior numbers.

Everything on the inside is reflected on the outside, so the central importance of the number 13 can be seen everywhere when you look closely enough.

There are naturally 13 months in a year because the year contains 13 moon phases.

Females naturally have 13 menstrual cycles per year.

We all know that in the pursuit of justice a jury panel requires 12 members, but did you realise that the judge makes 13?

The famous painting of the Last Supper also tells us much about the number 13. It depicts 12 mortal disciples gathered at a table, honouring Jesus and all he stands for. Jesus, being the central focus of the painting, is the 13th person. 13 is in rhythm with the Universe. It is the Christed number.

Our 5th-dimensional central core is symbolised by our Eternal Flame. This divine part of us resonates with the number 13 as it is our portal to higher consciousness. It must be integrated into our entire being on all levels to enable us to evolve into the super-consciousness of our Soul.

When it is time to start evolving beyond the karmic cause and effect influence of the subconscious number 12, certain signs or synchronicities will naturally appear. The Soul often uses the number 13 to make us aware of its over-presiding universal presence. Having a greater awareness of the number 13 will help you recognise the deeper guidance from your Soul.

The colour that resonates with 13 is Magenta Pink and that just happens to be the 13th chakra, four fingers above the head. This chakra is where our Halo is and it is also known as the 13th Universe.

Cobalt Blue and White Gold also resonate with the 13th Soul reality. Have a look around your home and see whether magenta, rich cobalt blue or shades of yellow and gold are present.

If your 13th aspect is starting to make itself known, your entire life and perception will be changing.

© 2019 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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