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Soul Call

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The Soul Call

There comes a time in our personal evolution when our Soul or Holy Spirit will want to make itself physically known. It will begin guiding us to the people and places with the information or techniques needed to help our Soul surface. This time of transition I refer to as the Soul Call.

When the Soul Call begins, you feel drawn to finding out to where you came from. This can be confusing because most of us think in a physical reality. We may want to search for our roots in our family tree and DNA, or locate blood relatives that we have lost contact with. However, the Soul is beyond a physical reality. It operates purely on a deeper intangible level.

When the Soul starts calling, some people realise they need to search below the physical surface, so they will turn to non-tangible things. Some will wonder who or where God is. Others will search the spiritual world or consult mediums. Some will choose to live in communes, some will go to church and some will turn their backs on any organised belief system, preferring to live in an atheistic void. Our Soul triggers are aligned with whatever reality we live in. Everyone is different and we all have our own personal triggers.

These are a few examples of possible signposts of the Soul Call:

* An attraction to candles, open fires, or a flame.

* A desire to get back to nature and be natural.

* The presence of the number 13 - the pathway to the Soul.

* Spiders appearing at specific moments - the number 8 represents the Soul.

* An attraction to the magenta pink, cobalt blue, or white gold colours of the Soul.

* Decluttering physically and emotionally - burning, getting rid of baggage, or clearing mind blocks.

* Gravitating towards people who have a more expanded view of life. Realising that the Soul is inside us rather than outside.

There are many positive and negative things happening to us all the time. Each manifestation is a catalyst encouraging us to evaluate our lives further. Which direction am I taking? Am I happy with my life? Do I want to do this forever? What are my priorities?

When we feel pressured and are considering our direction and purpose, the Soul is questioning our Life Truth. The Soul calls out to us, longing for us to be free from our karmic programming. When we are captured in karmic bondage, all our emphasis in life is on the outside of us, which means that the Soul and what it stands for are dismissed.

When the Soul starts calling, conditions are reversed and our emphasis turns inward. We start perceiving life from the inside instead of looking out through the lens of our subconscious Ego programmes.

The Soul Call experience is wonderful, but it can often be challenging. Soul reality forces us to look at all aspects of ourselves, especially the shadow parts we would prefer to ignore. As you expand you become a catalyst of change, which may threaten others. This forces them to look at themselves. Some will begin the process of personal change themselves, while others will block change and prefer to remain the same. Priorities are changed individually, collectively and globally – literally turning everyone and everything on its head.

Remember, you are searching for something invisible, so you will always be guided by the Soul through unfamiliar territory to find the Light. When someone or something pops up out of nowhere and a portal of opportunity is offered to you, this is a sure sign that the Soul has orchestrated the alignment. It will be well worth going with the flow to see where it takes you.

© 2019 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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