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Soul List

When you begin observing life in its different layers, you will come to understand that everything on the inside, is on the outside and everything on the outside, is on the inside. It is just in a different form.

In the 3rd-dimensional physical outside layer, there is a list of people that we are connected to by blood, known as our birth or blood family. This family pattern works in perimeters like the rings on a target, where each individual person is the centre of their own world. They are represented by the ‘I AM’ in the centre of the bull's-eye, their parents are in the next ring out, their brothers and sisters in the ring beyond that, followed by grandparents, cousins, friends, acquaintances and so on as you get further out from the centre of the target.

When you have had a connection with a person in a past life, they are on your deeper 4th-dimensional spiritual list. When you meet these people in the present physical lifetime, there will be a strong connection, the strength of which is determined by the relationship you had in the past life. Some connections are positive, some are negative. Sometimes there is karmic debt attached, which means you will have emotional issues and unfinished business to sort out with each other. These 4th-dimensional past life relationships are strong. They will feel different to your average connections. You will be urged to play out the same kind of situation as in the past life. The length of time that these karmic relationships last, will depend on how long it takes to work out the karmic issue. Below the 4th-dimensional subconscious Spirit layer, is the deeper Golden Soul or Holy Spirit 5th-dimensional level of consciousness. It has its own list which connects us to our Soul Family. For this reason, it is known as the Soul List.

People from all over the planet are getting the 'Soul Call'. They are being led by their Soul to change their direction or destiny in life. These people are searching - for what, they probably have no idea! The Soul Call usually starts at the 4th-dimensional spiritual level, where the awakening journey begins. You start becoming interested in different viewpoints, meeting people on a similar pathway and consciously becoming aware of your past life list. As your journey into your Soul Call, there will be an inner feeling that there is something

else or something more. Eventually, you will encounter a person who thinks and operates on a similar level, but goes deeper into the Soul level of consciousness. These people are part of your Soul Destiny. When you meet these people, the connection can be very strong and overwhelming.

A sure sign of meeting a person on your Soul List, is interacting on an expanded level of consciousness. You suddenly realise that they see the world like you do. This could present as anything from looking at life in an unconditional way, seeking God consciousness, working with Inner Guidance, chatting about the golden reality of the Soul and higher levels of awareness, or realising that change must come from the inside rather than the outside. Whatever it is, it will be more expansive than you could ever imagine life to be.

An absolute characteristic of people on the Golden Path of the Soul is that they are driven to somehow clear the influences of the past that prevent them from moving forward.

As the consciousness of the planet rises, more and more people will meet each other at the Golden Soul level. When a person is on your Soul List you will always be connected. There is no separation in this reality. Even though you may physically drift apart, at a Soul level you will never lose each other.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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