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Soul Talk - Clicks and Clunks

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Our Superconscious Soul Mind talks to us in many ways. One of the more obvious methods of communication is found in the alignment of Clicks and Clunks that the Soul generates.

As our Subconscious Ego Mind and its host of Karmic Cause and Effect Mind Programmes totally encapsulates our brightly illuminated Soul, it may seem to us that the Ego has more control over our Life than the Soul does. However, this is nought strictly the case.

The further we go into ourselves, the bigger our level of consciousness becomes. The Conscious Mind is only 12.5% or 1/8th of our reality, with the Subconscious Mind making up the other 87.5% or 7/8ths of the lower denser layers of our mind’s capacity.

The Soul is bigger again!! If the Conscious Mind is regarded as the tip of the iceberg, the Subconscious Mind would be the enormous part below the surface of the water, holding up and supporting the visible tip. By comparison, the Soul itself, would be represented in the entire iceberg, the water it is floating in, the land masses in and around the water, as well as the sky and especially the golden ball in the sky, known as the Sun. Its size is almost incomprehensible!

With the Soul being such an enormous size, we might think that it would have a far larger influence in our Life than the Subconscious Mind. Well, it does, BUT its impact is largely hidden from us due to its higher elevated frequency and the role that the Subconscious plays in our day-to-day Life. The Soul, therefore, has a more subtle influence on our Life. Once we become aware of how the Soul works and how it communicates with us, it becomes easier to notice and observe how perfectly it guides us through Life.

The Soul, also known as the Holy Spirit, is our Central Mind, which operates from the centre of our being. No matter where we are in any reality or dimension, it is always with us. As we grow in awareness, we begin to realise that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, the Soul Mind unconditionally has our back.

Inside the Soul is the even larger Universal Mind, which is shaped like an egg. It is from our internal egg that Life is manifested – eggs give Life from the inside out. When we understand this and have faith in our ability to follow our own Inner Guidance, we begin to integrate within our Mental Mind and realise that our Life is created from inside of ourselves, rather than from the outside of ourselves.

The Soul and its Universal Egg Mind are always providing for us. This process of Life is known as the Golden Way. As we journey through Life aware of how this Golden Path works, we find that whenever we are on the right track according to the Soul, everything automatically falls into place. We often say that things are 'Clicking' into place. This synchronisation and alignment is a message from our Soul, known as the Clicks of Life, which is a sure sign that we are heading in the right direction for our Soul Pathway.

Some examples of this could be:

- going to an event where you meet the perfect person to help you or give you insight with exactly what you were looking for.

- going to buy something and discovering that what you are after is right in front of you and it is the last one on the shelf.

- thinking about doing something and out of the blue the perfect opportunity turns up for you to go there and do it.

A single Click may be a minor alignment, or may even be an anomaly at times. It could be worth exploring, however a series of Clicks, usually at least 3, starts to show an alignment of significance. These are the important ones to follow up on and see where they lead. Sometimes, the outcome is different from what we expected.

Perhaps we win tickets to go skydiving, perfect timing, perfect weather, we are even transported out to the airfield. Problem is, we hate flying! How could this possibly be a Soul Click? Well, maybe the purpose in us going there is something other than flying – maybe there is someone we are supposed to meet, a job we are supposed to have or something on the journey there that we were supposed to notice. The Soul can be very cryptic in its messages sometimes. Providing we follow the path shown to us, we receive the guidance from our Soul. It never pushes, so if our Conscious or Subconscious jumps in with all of its fear-based reasons why this is a bad idea, the opportunity simply disappears and the Souls assumes we are neither interested or ready.

Following up on these Life clicks is part going with the flow. So long as there is no transgression where you deliberately, unintentionally or destructively impede on someone else's Life, such as stealing, betraying, cheating, killing, and so on, everything will be perfect.

As the Subconscious Ego works on a Cause and Effect system, it will often encourage us to cross the transgressional line to get what we consciously want in life. This means it will make some people push through, force, battle and fight, use their will power to progressively or aggressively obtain what they consciously and subconsciously think is the right thing for them at that time. Other people will use a negative emotional angle to manifest their gain in life, projecting helplessness, sorrow, or self-pity onto another person, or simply using manipulative emotional guilt to get what they want.

When we are utilising transgressive means to manifest Life or we are simply heading in the incorrect direction for our Soul, things will start to go wrong, become difficult, and flow will be lost. Blocks or 'Clunks' will begin to manifest.

Clunks are simply a sign showing us that we are off track or overdoing it. One clunk could be a mistake or a mishap, but if they these continue to repeat it is a sure sign that it is time to stop what you are doing. Pause, have a rest, and reassess, giving your mind time to calm down and get back inside the lines, or if necessary, completely stop what you are doing and back off. If you are considerably over the transgressional line, your actions will then be completely out of alignment with the Intention of your Soul Pathway.

Clunks show you that you have potentially entered a destructive reality. This means that it is time to change something. If you continue with your present actions your reality will become destructive and instead of providing you with what you think you want, it will gradually, and sometimes instantly, break down what you have created on the outside of yourself. The longer this persists, the more chance there is of destroying the inside of yourself, which in the longer term severely impacts your Health and Wellbeing.

©2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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