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The Blue Room

What is the Blue Room?

The Blue Room is a place in our consciousness or imagination where we can go to access an unlimited amount of information and create or manifest things for the future.

Where is the Blue Room?

The Blue Room is an area directly out from the back of our head. It could be imagined as a screen, box or room. It is behind our Third Eye, which is situated in the middle of our forehead, two finger widths up from the bridge between our two physical eyes. Imagine a line going directly from this area to the back of the head, and you are there!

How big is the Blue Room?

The Blue Room, like everything in consciousness or the imagination, is only limited by our perception. The illustration shows the Blue Room to be a small box out the back of our head, however it is far from small. As you start to use the Blue Room, imagine walking into it as a large room, rather than thinking of it as a small box stuck on the back of your head. The Blue Room is out of the Time/Space Universe, so it can be any size we want.

The more we use the Blue Room, the bigger it will become. To start with, it will only be used for basic operations. A good analogy here is to think of a smart phone that is capable of performing all sorts of magic operations, but is only used to send texts and make phone calls. The Blue Room and your early use of it is much like that smart phone, you will just be ‘texting’ and ‘calling’ to begin with, but no worries about that – you will soon become acquainted with its many functions and apps!

How do we use the Blue Room?

Accessing and using the Blue Room requires the use of basic visualisation techniques - using our imaginations to see pictures and images. When you first start using the Blue Room, it is a good idea to find a quiet space where you can focus on what you are doing. Your quiet space could be sitting up in bed, outside in nature, or just relaxing somewhere – each individual is different, so what you are most comfortable with is best.

Good posture is helpful in order for you to remain aware and awake. This can be achieved by sitting up with a straight back, looking directly ahead at a horizon in the distance. Imagining that you can see a beautiful sunrise on the horizon helps to stimulate and open your Third Eye.

Having some basic meditation experience may be an advantage initially, as being familiar with quietening the mind will help. However, this can be practised and developed without previous experience. Often, it is beneficial to close your eyes to assist the visualisation.

Some people find it hard to visually use the imagination or to get internal mind pictures.

Using other senses to integrate information, practise and clearing mind blocks are the key to greater success here. There will be internal reasons or programmes for this visual block, so find out what the limitations are and clear them - it is good to have free choice!

As our eyes are in the front of us, it is common for people to visualise internal images in the front of the face. However, this is counter-productive. Our physical body actually metaphorically ‘faces’ where we have already been. The front of us represents our Past, our Future is in our back.

To work with images in the Blue Room, imagine a simple picture of something or someone close to you being projected onto a large screen in front of you (familiarity will help you to conjure a good, accurate picture). Once you have this internal picture up in front of you, just imagine flicking the picture from this forward-facing screen to another screen out the back of your head.

Ultimately, the Blue Room is designed for us to be able to go into instantly, even whilst the mind is focused on something else. However, The Blue Room technique will become a lot easier the more it is used, but like most things it will probably take a little time to become accustomed to it. The more you work with mind pictures inside the Blue Room, the more you will be able to access this expanded part of your mind.

This is a simple exercise that anyone can do! If you can imagine a large blue TV or cinema screen out the back of your head, and if you can use your imagination to see this screen and the images on it, you have started using the Blue Room.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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