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The Ego and Karmic Balance

When you clear your karma or subconscious patterning, the depth of your perception will determine how deep and efficient your clearing is. The subconscious Ego is an extremely important part of our multi-dimensional make-up. It is in charge of our 4th-dimensional operating system that enables us to live in a 3rddimensional reality. If anyone wants to create Oneness on the outside of themselves, they must first have Oneness on the inside. The inside comes before the outside. In order to evolve into our full capacity as a Hu-man Being, it is necessary that we understand and accept our subconscious Ego. We must find out how it works, how it decides what it creates, and why it controls everything. To create an enemy of the Ego, will only create separateness within ourselves. When we blame the Ego for our substandard life, we short-cut our potential power and authenticity as a whole Hu-man Being. Liken it to blaming your own personal Chef for cooking a substandard and tasteless meal, when you have failed to fill your pantry with the necessary delicious ingredients. Think about it! Instead of complaining to the Ego Chef, stock your subconscious pantry with quality Life ingredients, so that your powerful, multidimensional Ego Chef can cook up a blissful, perfect Life for you. An inadequate exterior is the reflection of our interior inadequacy. The subconscious Ego uses our internal template to create our exterior world. One of the jobs of the subconscious Ego is to create balance and wholeness in our exterior life. This is done by filling in the spaces where we are deficient or inadequate. Whatever we are lacking, and wherever we are weak, the subconscious Ego will bring in other beings, people, animals or things to fill the gaps and create balance. This is Karmic Balancing. If you are inadequate or weak in the attributes of the Blue mental body, such as self-discipline, motivation, mental fire, intelligence and cognition, the subconscious Ego will manifest a Blue mindset person to fill that vacancy. This is likely to manifest in a person who will think for you, make decisions for you, tell you what to do, and remind you of your mistakes. They will be your walking mental mind, or external Blue hard-drive, for the rest of your life until you sharpen yourself up by clearing your unbalanced karmic patterning. If you are inadequate or weak in the attributes of the Red emotional body, such as being happy within yourself, open to your feelings and emotions, spontaneous and social, the subconscious Ego will manifest a Red mindset person or animal to fill the emotional vacancy. This person will try to keep you happy and emotionally satisfied, tell you what you want to hear regardless of whether it is the Truth, or continually encourage you to lighten up. They will be there to pander to your emotional needs only. They will never think for you. If you find yourself feeling annoyed with a person, an animal or something in your exterior reality, look within yourself to find the inadequacy that the subconscious Ego is karmically trying to fill within you. That is what you have to change or clear! © 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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