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The Line of Transgression

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The line of transgression is well known to everyone. We all know when someone crosses the line, breaks the rules or pushes things too far. But why do people do such things in the first place? How does this happen and what are the underlying processes and consequences involved?

Within each person's mind is a line of transgression. When bringing a new Soul thought into reality, the intention of that golden thought enters the subconscious Ego mind. The Ego is an essential part of our make up. It has three major objectives - fitting us into a reality, generating income and protecting us. It knows no bounds and will push the limits to achieve its objectives. Sometimes it goes too far, despite its good intentions.

The Ego perceives that what it creates or manifests, is crucial to our survival. It thinks it has a big responsibility and it does! When an idea or thought rises from the Inner Light of our Soul, it has no conditions attached to it. Once the thought enters the subconscious mind, the Ego examines it and determines how to use the thought to achieve its objectives.

The subconscious Ego believes that positive attention from the outside world is Love. It tries to create as much of this as possible. It will create an action designed to trigger a positive response from another being. This process is known as a Cause and Effect equation.

To ensure we get optimal mileage out of a thought, the Ego will have us push the limits to achieve the desired effect. If a person tells a joke that makes others laugh (positive effect), the Ego will have the person tell another joke, and another, and another. If the laughter starts to wane, the Ego will have the person become louder, more exaggerated, or rude – whatever it takes to get the laughs.

Similarly, if a person gets a positive effect for working and being productive, the Ego registers this and has the person work harder and longer. In these examples the line of transgression is crossed. This happens when the Ego forces or manipulates the situation to extract as much effect as possible.

Observe the subconscious at work! Watch people doing something once, then again and again, bigger and better. Then, learn about yourself by noticing how your subconscious gets you to cross the line.

© 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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