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The Spider and its Web

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Every dimension is divided up into 12 different levels or octaves. The higher the octave,

the more powerful and expansive the consciousness.

Our subconscious mind programmes are stored within the higher octaves of the 4th-dimensional Spirit. When we physically die, our Spirit ascends and resides in the spiritual reality situated in middle octaves of the 4th Dimension. Because the spiritual world is positioned in the middle of the 4th Dimension and our mind programmes are kept in the higher octaves, we keep the content of our mind programmes after we die and bring them with us into our next incarnation. This is why we repeat past life experiences in the present lifetime.

Imagine each mind programme is an inter-dimensional spider living in the higher octaves of the 4th Dimension. As it spins its web, the threads descend through the lower octaves of the 4th Dimension, anchoring themselves to something solid in the dense 3rd Dimension. It is the same as an earthly spider spinning and anchoring its web to something solid like a tree branch or window sill. The physical, mental and emotional properties of the spider are carried down through the lower octaves by its web and the contents are played out wherever it is physically anchored in the 3rd Dimension.

When a person experiences discordant influences created by the inter-dimensional web, they go to a healer, doctor, psychologist, or counsellor for help with the pain and negative experiences that are manifesting in their life. The healer will attempt to address the symptoms of the physical experience and remove the discord created in the physical body. If the healer is successful, the pain or discord will disappear, leaving the patient thinking that the illness, injury or emotional experience has been cured and life can carry on as per usual.

The truth of the matter is, that while the healer has stopped the physical pain or discord, they have only cleaned away the cobwebs created by the spider residing in a higher level of consciousness. Without awareness of the 4th-dimensional mind programme creating the discord, the so-called spider will be left behind within the subconscious mind, ready to spin the web again whenever it is triggered or poked.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

To completely heal or balance the discordant manifestation from the physical reality, the content of the subconscious mind programme, that I perceive as a 4th-dimensional ‘spider’, must be found, addressed and then cleared with a consciousness higher than the 4th dimension.

As we go further within ourselves, we get past the 4th Dimension and into the higher frequency of the deeper 5th Dimension. This is where the Golden Soul or Holy Spirit of a person resides. The 5th Dimension is a more refined frequency than the 4th Dimension. It has more power and greater expansive qualities, giving it the ability to balance and clear discordant 4th-dimensional mind programmes or spiders.

The Soul, otherwise known as the Holy Spirit or 5th Dimension, is the only reality able to heal, balance or clear the lower 4th-dimensional mind programmes in their entirety.

© 2019 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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