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The Universal Mind

Our mind is made up of multiple layers which all work in a different dimension from each other. Our conscious mind is found in the lowest layer, where we are conditioned and programmed to physically live in a solid tangible world. This is the mind we function from during our waking hours. We use it to think and operate from as we go about our daily life. This mind is very limited. When our awareness only resides in our physical conscious mind, we are stuck. We can only think and emote according to our solid 3rd-dimensional world, which keeps us in a fear-based survival mode. Our 3rd-dimensional reality is never its own master, it is always controlled and created by our 4th-dimensional mind. Every time we expand our consciousness, we enter higher layers of our mind and gather more wisdom about life. The spiritual 4th-dimensional mind is where our subconscious Ego resides. It is in charge of our karmic subconscious mind programmes. The subconscious Ego controls our Red emotional mind and our Blue mental mind. It tells them when to operate according to our personal subconscious programming. Just as the 3rd-dimensional mind is never its own master, neither is the 4th-dimensional mind. It is controlled and created by the 5th Dimension. Our 5th-dimensional Soul-based reality is the holy realm of the Golden Universal mind. This level of mind is frequently referred to as either the Soul or Holy Spirit. When expansion into this layer happens, we start to perceive our life from our Golden Universal mind. This is a very different perception from that of our karmic 4th-dimensional spiritual mind, with all of its cause and effect subconscious mind programmes. In fact, when we talk to the Universe, it is actually this part of ourselves that we are talking to. Many people refer to the Universe as God or a God aspect. They ask it questions, ask for manifestations and thank the Universe when something goes right. The Universe that they are actually talking to is their Universal Mind. When we thank the so-called Universe, we project our gratitude energy outwards. When we talk, ask and thank the Universal Mind, we project the same positive energy into ourselves, thereby owning it within our self-existing Universe. The Universal Mind is where the planetary and cosmic aspects of ourselves are housed. To enter the reality of the 5th-dimensional Universal Mind, we begin by perceiving the world on a much bigger scale. This is achieved by integrating our Planetary and Cosmic awareness. Nought only are we able to perceive life from a grounded Planetary perspective, we are also able to perceive it from an elevated Cosmic reality. Balance between the two is crucial. This is when we start to walk our own Golden Pathway, discover our Soul Purpose and fulfil our Universal Destiny, which eventually leads us to the Oneness. We finally realise that there is so much more to life than the 3rd-dimensional physical body that we reside in with all of its constant challenges! © 2020 Being Hu-man, International Centre of Awareness

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